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~whitehologram~ 11-16-2012 11:43 AM

Re: Basically TGoodnessIFriday!
I had a panic attack at work.

The boss is having some sort of a get together at his house on Sunday with the workers.

I just cant deal with that. Going somewhere I've never been before (50km away) and then being surrounded by people I don't know...on my own. I just just cant do it.

I said I cant come and tried to explain but they all just kept say oh, come. I kept saying I just cant.

After about 6 different people saying that to me I just couldn't deal anymore and panicked. My breathing got all horrible, I was crying, and I couldn't calm down. I hide in the freezer util I could get it together enough to work.


~whitehologram~ 11-16-2012 11:46 AM

Re: Basically TGoodnessIFriday!
It wasn't just that the 6 people said it....they kept saying it every time they went past me in the shop.

jwjbbrown 11-16-2012 12:01 PM

Re: Basically TGoodnessIFriday!
Sorry Janine. Anxiety is so hard.

I just found out one of our families with six kids is homeless. The tribe has put them up in a hotel but it just makes me sad. They only have Mom, Dad died from liver disease 2 years ago. Mom was living with Grandma, she went berserk and kicked them all out...gah.

redgirlsmama 11-16-2012 12:04 PM

Re: Basically TGoodnessIFriday!
Sorry Janine.
Jen that is terrible. I feel horrible for them. It makes me sad that people can't pull it together for kids well being. And if the Mom was doing things that needed to stop kick HER out. Don't send 6 kids out into the cold with her.

~whitehologram~ 11-16-2012 12:08 PM

Re: Basically TGoodnessIFriday!

I'm sorry Jen. :(

jwjbbrown 11-16-2012 12:25 PM

Re: Basically TGoodnessIFriday!
Mom actually is a descent Mom trying to feed her kids doing crafts and such. There are no other jobs really. Sounds like Grandma is just a banshee

cherylchoo 11-16-2012 01:22 PM

Re: Basically TGoodnessIFriday!
Afternoon mamacitas!

DH is off today (apparently car companies consider first day of hunting season a holiday :rofl:) so I spent the morning scouting Costco/Homegoods/TJMaxx for Xmas gift ideas. Whole lotta nada. I did however score chocolate coins at Dollar Tree :giggle2: which for some reason is a really big deal to my kids, and for whatever reason I can never seem to find.

Hugs on the rough morning, Jess. I used to do it Janine's way the first month of school, then I backed off and let them pick their own outfits (and would help if they asked), and today since I have done all the laundry but not put any of it away, pulled out an outfit for each of them to wear and got zero resistance and timely dressing execution. :jawdrop: That like never happens. I'm sure it's a fluke. :rofl: But since the kids each have their own room, and their bathroom has two sinks, and because Rosie takes longer to eat breakfast, there is a lot less chance of them fighting while getting ready.

cherylchoo 11-16-2012 01:25 PM

Re: Basically TGoodnessIFriday!
Jen that is awful. I spent the afternoon yesterday at the estate planner (our "current" will is from 2004, LOL) and he recounted all sorts of horror stories basically about trying to anticipate the crazy things people do when they get old so they don't tie things up in the legal system. Everybody is living longer, but going senile so it's a huge issue. My heart goes out to that family.

cherylchoo 11-16-2012 01:33 PM

Re: Basically TGoodnessIFriday!
Oh, and because I have no willpower I bought two NordicWare pans at Homegoods:

~whitehologram~ 11-16-2012 02:10 PM

Re: Basically TGoodnessIFriday!

Originally Posted by cherylchoo (Post 15940504)
Oh, and because I have no willpower I bought two NordicWare pans at Homegoods:

I have none either.

I just got a bunch of stuff too.

I'd be very interested to see how those turn out.

I ordered some flameless candles that you can blowout, They have a sensor. They are for the advent kranz.

And some little battery powered tea candles....for the ceramic Santa, snowman, and gingerbread house.

Letters for cookies so I can put names on them.

a cookie cutter so there is no waste.

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