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Celeste 01-26-2013 09:53 PM

Calms Forte for kids?
Dd2 has such a hard time settling down at night. I can tell she is exhausted, but she is restless, and keeps getting out of bed (and getting into my makeup, but I guess that's not really a symptom...:giggle:). She will be 4 in she old enough to take Hyland's Calms Forte? Is there any place I can buy it, besides online? Have you tried it and had success? I am getting really frustrated with her in the evenings...she just fell asleep maybe 20 minutes ago, after being in bed for 2 hours. :banghead:

For what it's worth, yes she does still nap. She needs it. She is melting down by noon. I can tell she's tired at night...she has dark circles under her eyes and is very weepy. Just can't seem to settle down. She doesn't have the same problem at nap time, though. She goes to sleep pretty quickly then. We do have a consistent bedtime routine - bath, brush teeth, read together, hugs and kisses, lights out.

Celeste 01-27-2013 12:21 PM

Re: Calms Forte for kids?

l_Kimmie_l 01-27-2013 12:23 PM

Re: Calms Forte for kids?
I have used it and it worked well for us. I got it at Whole Foods. My sons were younger when I used it too.

dancermommy1 01-27-2013 12:45 PM

Re: Calms Forte for kids?
I give it to DS, and he's 2.5

Honestly I don't buy into homeopathy but they are a little sweet and he likes them so whatever. Does it calm him down? Nah.

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