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Amanda+2 07-29-2012 07:17 AM

thrush or latch issues please help
I really dont want to give up but I'm struggling.

I've had latch issues from the start. after a week I saw a Bf consultant who said she didnt have tongue tie but her lower jaw was very tight. and I would have to get her to open her mouth wider to latch. I have got very big nipples! I think the bf lady was trying to be polite when she said they were 'broad' :giggle2:

anyway the painful feeding stopped (mostly) for a few days. on friday (shes 2 weeks now) my left side, which was always the less painful started to really hurt when she latched, and has got progressively worse that the whole feed is painful. The other side is fine.

She is really strong and hard to get to latch on as it is. I've tried the football hold and it is a little better but not by much.

i really don't know if it could be thrush or a latch issue. it doesnt hurt at all when i pump. and the pain is only in the nipple (and just under) area and not the whole breast.

Any ideas? i really need some help i'm pumping that side at the moment and feeding from the other. But with 3 year old twins and DH out of town for 3 weeks its not an ideal solution.

Thanks mamas

Heather1583 07-29-2012 07:30 AM

Re: thrush or latch issues please help
have you tried a breast shield? perhaps this will protect your breast and help the baby latch too. I haven't used one, but I know they can be helpful. Maybe you could start on the good side all the time, and once she is calm and relaxed switch her to the other side. Some babies just prefer one side, my left side has always been the more productive and most preferred by all three of my kids. Good luck and its awesome you have stuck with it, you know so many would have given up. You can do it!

lilmomma83 07-30-2012 11:09 AM

Re: thrush or latch issues please help
Just FWIW...we saw 3 LCs, 2 pediatricians, and 1 ENT who all said my DD wasn't tongue tied, but, she was...posterior, which is harder to diagnose. I figured it out myself because she had an upper lip tie, then when I googled posterior tongue tie we had all the symptoms. She has had both the lip tie and the posterior tongue tie revised along with craniosacral therapy and she is doing great and my nipples feel much better. I was treated for thrush for months with my oldest, finally my milk was tested and I didn't have that I have learned so much about tongue tie I look in his mouth and see he has one, I expect that was the reason of my horrible thrush like pain! There is a great FB group called "Tongue tie Babies Support Group" - great for finding resources etc and you can even post pics of your baby's mouth.

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