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Amedlin 06-05-2010 12:30 AM

Thoughts on Kid "Leashes"...
My husband is a youth minister and we have an extremely busy summer planned full of youth camps, mission trips, etc. I have a 3 month old and a 26 month old and will be managing them alone for the most part as my husband and the teens will be busy. I plan to wear the baby in a wrap when we are out and about. But my 2 year old has the tendency to run off and doesn't respond well when I call his name or tell him to stop and come back. He doesn't hold hands well either. He's extremely independent. "My do it myself" is his most common phrase. I'm nervous :nervous: especially about camp because there is a big lake that is close to all the main areas we will be.

So I've said all that to ask...what are your opinions on kid "leashes" or whatever they are called. I've always thought they looked so weird, but now that I have a two year old, I better understand why they are used. I just don't know how I feel about them...:dunno:

Can you share your thoughts with me on this subject and also any other ideas or tips you have on managing the two. I know some of you mamas have a lot more to manage than I do. I don't know how you do it, but I have to learn, because I want a big family.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

zellti 06-05-2010 12:38 AM

Re: Thoughts on Kid "Leashes"...
I think they are awesome. I used mine on my son when he was two anytime we went somewhere that was really crowded when I was by myself. It really only takes a second of getting distracted to lose track on the little ones.

WiggleBean 06-05-2010 12:40 AM

Re: Thoughts on Kid "Leashes"...
My LO is only 3 months old, so I don't have experience, but I'm curious to see what others think. Even at this age, he loves everyone and is a very social little baby. He'll let anyone hold him (unless he's tired or teething...yes he's teething already), and loves when random people talk to him. It just makes me think he'll be a very social and trusting toddler, an easy target in other words. much as I sort of hate the idea of leashing him, I'd do it for safety -- I'd much rather he get cranky about the leash than for something to happen to him.

Since I'll probably have another baby by the time this is an issue, I can't just say "oh, I'll pay attention to him and know what he's doing." I managed to disappear in stores all the time as a kid, it's not that hard.

I say do it and see how it goes. If he resists you, you could try making small trades -- like only wearing it at camp, but not in the grocery store or something (someplace he doesn't usually wander off). You can also try talking with him about why you are doing it.

The ones I've seen now are backpacks with leashes attached. They are cute...for a kid leash.

Wanderlust 06-05-2010 12:51 AM

Re: Thoughts on Kid "Leashes"...
I'm all for them! I totally plan on using the monkey backpack "leashes" on my twins when they get older.

ETA: I am not for dragging a kid by the leash though. I've seen some moms at stores pretty much pulling their kid along.

ladymeag 06-05-2010 12:53 AM

Re: Thoughts on Kid "Leashes"...

Originally Posted by WiggleBean (Post 10421321)
He'll let anyone hold him (unless he's tired or teething...yes he's teething already), and loves when random people talk to him. It just makes me think he'll be a very social and trusting toddler, an easy target in other words.

Just a note on this - my birthdaughter was like this as a baby - as long as she could see Mom/Dad, anyone could hold her. She smiled, cooed, loved babbling at strangers. The first one that reached for her when her Daddy wasn't looking? She bit. Social doesn't always equal trusting!

As for the toddler leashes - I know a few folks who have them. They seem like the kind of thing I'd want to reserve for very crowded areas (street fairs, convention-center size gatherings, concerts, Disneyland-type parks) so that he can learn to listen for me/boundaries in "safer" situations.

Wife to Torq; Mommy to Niall, 8 months; birthmom to Rivka, 6 years

RebekahG77 06-05-2010 01:14 AM

Re: Thoughts on Kid "Leashes"...
I'm a fan of them in crowded situations!! It only takes a second for a little one to get out of your sight in a big crowd.

Case in point...

A few years ago, we took our (then) 2yr old DS to a crowded pumpkin patch. It was SO hard to keep up with him with all the people, turns, attractions. Oy, we could have lost him so easily.

In fact, a mama DID lose track of her LO that day. He just got away from her. We were near her when she lost him from her sight. We searched with her for hours and we could not find him. It was horrifying. They ended up calling the police and we had to leave before it was resolved. I never found out what happened.

The next day, you better believe we went to Target and got one of those little doggie backpacks that has the tether. We rarely use it; but it has come in handy at street fairs, airports, places where the little ones want to walk, but we can't afford to lose sight of them.

I also used it on my (then) 2.5yo DS when I was 8-9mos pregnant with my daughter. He had a really bad habit of running ahead of me and/or veering off of the sidewalk and onto the street while walking to the park. With that about-to-pop belly, I could barely keep up with him. He would wear the tether while we walked to and from the park, then when we got to the park I would detach the tether. (he loved wearing the puppy backpack) :)

I remember a teenage boy passing us on the sidewalk once, and he stopped and asked, "Doesn't that hurt him?" I assured him, "No, it's really soft and comfy, but even if it was uncomfortable he would wear it because this thing would hurt him a lot less than a car running him over."

RebekahG77 06-05-2010 01:19 AM

Re: Thoughts on Kid "Leashes"...
Just wanted to add, too, that since you asked for tips on managing 2 at once...

When my kids were that age, while out and about on everyday outings, I would wear my youngest in a wrap so that both hands were free to grab the older if needed. :giggle2:

linzbear 06-05-2010 06:57 AM

Re: Thoughts on Kid "Leashes"...
Child harnesses are a case of if you don't have kids or have uh... less spirited kids, you don't understand why anyone would ever use them.

If you have a kid that needs one, you understand completely why they exist, and love them.

DS is very high energy and is getting much better about holding our hands (He wouldn't for awhile, but we've been persistent) using 'hold mama's hand or get picked up' techniques. Even so, when we go to Disney World in a few months I will be picking one up, just in case. I'm sure I'll need it even more when another kid comes along!

I'll also be getting the kids id temporary tattoos with our phone number on it.

kjo 06-05-2010 07:26 AM

Re: Thoughts on Kid "Leashes"...
"my do it myself" is common in our house too! I actually think the kid leash taught him how to walk with me. I can take him in the store and he will stay close by now after we used it for about 2 months. I'd rather use a leash than him be in trouble for getting too far away all the time. At least it sets a boundary.

beaute_marquee 06-05-2010 08:25 AM

Re: Thoughts on Kid "Leashes"...
We have one, because I took my toddler to FL when I was eight months pregnant. I liked it because even though I was holding his hand, I knew that he wasn't going anywhere. I've heard nightmare stories about a kid who is holding someone's hand, and then looks up and realizes it's not mommy or daddy.

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