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zeotwoski 03-06-2018 07:23 PM

Are Pooters narrow in the bum?
The closure less fitteds looked like exactly what I want. I got a couple today and they look very narrow in the rear. The size 2. I can't imagine laying a pad folded flat or anything in there, but that's what I saw them recommended for on the other thread.

I was thinking of getting some for the newborn but now I'm not sure they'd have any better containment than flats. I can't find any OTB pictures either.

ETA: I mean are they TOO narrow.

Pixi6s 03-07-2018 08:06 AM

Re: Are Pooters narrow in the bum?
There are some youtube reviews/commentary about them> not sure if they have the images you want - though one was entitled "newborn stash" that might be worth watching.

I haven't used them myself.

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