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Kylie&Logan'sMommy 08-21-2006 07:42 AM

Formula Help UPDATE
alright so we had issues when ds was born and breastfeeding didnt work so I used formula. Things were going great until about 2 weeks ago, he started spitting up tons like an ounce at a time, and getting gas and constipated. I am using similac advance. I am finishing up the can I have now, and was wondering if I should switch his formula. What should I switch to? Should I go to isomil? any suggestions would be great:)


drs said that they think he has reflux. they switched us to soy formula and prescribed zantac. we will see how it goes. on a good note my 9 week old weighs 13 pounds:lostit:

Leininger27 08-21-2006 07:51 AM

Re: Formula Help:(
Have you had him ckecked for reflux? If he is spitting up that much it is a good chance he has reflux and meds would help him greatly. Also I would recommend enfamil A.R. It has a added rice starch in it which makes it a little thicker and easier on their tummy. It is made for babies who spit up frequently.

I have had 3 babies with relux which is why I ask. My daughter was put on Emfamil A.R. and my ds#2 was for awhile until we figured out he was lactose intolerant as well as reflux. DS#3 currently is breastfeeding with no problems with his reflux other than needing his meds and finding out what works for him. What worked for my other 2 did not work for him. He has it worse that my other 2 did.

Good luck!

Timetodance 08-21-2006 07:55 AM

Re: Formula Help:(
This calls for the doctor. Every time I gave dd formula she had the most fabulous vomiting, turns out she was allergic to dairy. This most likely does not call for an office visit just call and tell them what is happening.

Good luck!

GracieGooseSC 08-21-2006 08:00 AM

Re: Formula Help:(
We have had a lot of formula problems too. First how long has he been on the formula? If he just started it, his body will need some time to ajust to it, so I would give him another week or so. If he has been on it awhile, and is spitting up a significant amount, you could consider switching. Although all babies have an undeveloped digestive system, and spit up and gas are normal. Enfamil has a formula that is thicked with rice startch to help with spit up, or you could try a lactose free, or soy. I would start with lactose free, I've read that it is more like breastmilk than soy. Since he is on Similac you could use the Similac lactose free, although Enfamil has a good lactose free that has less sugar than Similac, and they have one that has lactose, but a reduced amount. The difference between lactose free and soy is Lactose is milk based without lactose (milk sugar) and soy is milk free and lactose free. Both my girls had to be on lactose free, my 2.5 year old is just now able to tolarate regular milk. If any thing I would call his doctor and ask his opinion, or speak to a nurse. Remember, if you do switch give your baby's body time to adjust to the new formula before thinking he's having trouble tolerating it. Good luck! :goodvibes:

sesa70 08-21-2006 08:05 AM

Re: Formula Help:(
well, how old is your ds?

My dd started having problems with her formula when she was about a month and a half old. She was having alot of gas, pain, cringing with eating, and would take two sucks then cry hysterically even though she was still hungry. No vommitting though.

My older dd did barf like crazy and in retrospect we know it was reflux but we had a crappy dr that didnt help us at all. I ended up switching her to soy, but hindsight is 20/20, kwim?

For dd #2 we tried a bunch of stuff and nothing seemed to help, until we got to the Nestle good start. I know lots of moms dont like Nestle for its policy's, but it really worked for our dd. My suggestion is to try a different formula, but make sure you stay on it for a week each or you wont know if its actually helping. GOod luck!

Kylie&Logan'sMommy 08-21-2006 08:13 AM

Re: Formula Help:(
Thanks mommas for the advice! He is almost 9 weeks. I just put in a call to the drs. and a nurse will call me back soon. I did call them last week and they just told me to keep his head elevated and keep him up for at least 30 minutes after a feeding, I was like I do all that I am not a new mom, but whatever. I am using dr. browns bottles so I know that helps on the gas too. I did give him an ounce of white grape juice with an ounce of water the other night and that helped his constipation problem like a charm, but I don't want to have to give him juice everyday! I am fine with once in a great while. Anyway hopefully the drs will help. I will let you know what they say. Probably nothing that will help lol

Leininger27 08-21-2006 08:20 AM

Re: Formula Help:(
Good luck! Some doctors can be a real pain. Sometimes you just have to demand that they do something. I would really recommend getting an upper GI done. That will tell them if it is acid reflux (especially if you ask for it they think you know even more). Since they did tell you to leave him upright after feeding makes believe that they are kind of leaning in that direction though because that is what they tell you to do with reflux.

I would really lean towards the Emfamil A.R. formula.
They have also Enfamil GentleEase which is supposed to be a good formula as well especially for gas.

Let us know what the doc says!

Julesmom23girls 08-21-2006 08:46 AM

Re: Formula Help:(
My first DD had a hard time with formula as well, she was older I BF until she was 7 mo, but when we had to switch to formula I didn't think we would ever find one she could tolerate. The only one that worked for her was Carnation Good Start (now I think it is Nestle Good Start). The proteins are supposed to be broke down more and easier on their tummy. I hve heard good things about the Enfamil AR and Gentlease as well so you may just have to try a few and see what seems the best. Good luck mamma, I know it is heart breaking to see your baby suffer w/ tummy troubles.

Kylie&Logan'sMommy 08-21-2006 09:20 AM

Re: Formula Help:(
I just talked to the dr. they want him to come in because it sounds like reflux? I have to bring him in at 8:15 tonight. I will update later:)

Leininger27 08-21-2006 10:34 AM

Re: Formula Help:(
Exactly what I was thinking. I would definitely go with Enfamil A.R. as a formula then! You will see a great difference!

Usually they like to prescribe Zantac as the first med. I have not seen a single baby like it (none of my 3 did). It is very minty tasting! All of my children would gag on it so we mixed it in their bottle. If that doesn't work than they generally add reglan to it. I have found the combo usually works well.

If I remember correctly you said that your babe was constipated. Sorry if this is incorrect, but Zantac can cause constipation so keep an eye out for that. My DS had the worst time having a bowel movement on it. He is now 3 months and switched his meds due to the constipation and it was not helping the reflux enough! His new med is awesome and we do not have to fight to get him to take his meds anymore!

Good luck at the doc! I am sure that your baby will feel a lot better once he has started meds if reflux is the problem! I know my ds did. He has been on meds since he was 2 weeks, but I knew what to look for after having 2 others with reflux!

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