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mama2jack 12-31-2012 09:35 AM

Going to sell specialty cakes...
So, I have been making specialty cakes for years for family and a few friends. Mostly birthday and shower cakes but I have also done a few weddings. Usually I ask for the cost of ingredients Or give the cake as my gift. I have had requests from non-family/friends but turn them down because it is just too time consuming to do if I am not being paid. Dh got me some new equipment and I got a few hundred $ for christmas that I was thinking of investing in a few more tools and ingredients so that I could start out on a very part time basis.

I belong to another forum that is mostly cake decorators but I am looking for the point of view coming from a customer.

When pricing a specialty cake. I can't decide whether to start pricing at a per-serving basis or a per-cake/tier basis. There are pros and cons to both. As a customer which would you prefer? why?

Also if you were purchasing a specialty cake would you most likley go for the tried and true flavors to serve your guests or lean toward something more out of the box that you are less likely to find at a big box store?
I usually develop a recipe for each event just to do something different but that is risky for a paying client and could be expensive if it flops. I would like to offer a handful of flavors and filling options.
I am doing a white almond sour cream with a sweet cream/fresh strawberry filling for my friends baby shower on sunday. That flavor will probably be one of the ones I offer. I was also thinking of developing a dye-free red velvet. Possibly a vegan option or two?
Opinions? flavor suggestions?


Madame Medina 12-31-2012 09:55 AM

Re: Going to sell specialty cakes...
I buy specialty cakes about 6 times a year. I've copied the pricing schedule form my bakers menu sheet to give you an idea of what I think is fair.

"Cake pricing is ultimately determined by design and flavor selections. Base pricing is as follows and includes: minimal writing, scroll border in the color of your choice, and basic cake flavor selection w/ buttercream type filling:
6" round: $24.00+ (serves 8: $3/pp)
8" round: $36.00+ (serves 12: $3/pp)
9" round: $48.00+ (serves 16: $3/pp)
10" round: $60.00+ (serves 20: $3/pp)
1/4 Sheet: $50.00+ (serves 25-30: $2/pp)
1/2 Sheet: $100.00+ (serves 50+: $2/pp)
Full Sheet: $200.00+ (serves 100+: $2/pp)
All TIERED CAKES are priced as follows:
$4.00+ per slice/person (Buttercream designs)
$5.00+ per slice/person (Fondant designs)"

The last cake I bought from them was for my son's 9th Birthday. It was a Nerf gun themed 9" round vanilla bean cake w/ cookie and cream filling. There was fondant darts and a fondant target on top. It cost $57. I think that was a fair price.

I think you should offer the typical big box store flavors along with a handful of flavors that you have already tried and feel comfortable duplicating. maybe an additional 7-10 choices. You could always let people know that you are able to do custom flavors for a specific fee. If I wanted something outside of your offerings I would be willing to pay extra to get what I wanted.

Best of luck on your new adventure.

mama2jack 01-01-2013 05:54 PM

Re: Going to sell specialty cakes...
Thank you! That is super helpful!

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