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danielle 06-07-2012 10:53 AM

Need a fantastic summer dessert!
My son's first birthday is in July. We will be celebrating in a small way at the big family "picnic," which is actually at our Aunt's house, a nice big place on a cliff overlooking Lake Erie.

So there will be food. Chiavetta's chicken, watermelon, a flag cake, barbeque pizza, whatever stuff people make to bring etc. etc.

I'd like to serve something pretty awesome that can be left outside for maybe an hour. It doesn't have to be a cake, but it can be. We will set up a table with our birthday ring, a ceramic signature plate and maybe we will sing.

I'm hoping for some fun ideas that don't include food coloring!

triplomom 06-07-2012 12:55 PM

Re: Need a fantastic summer dessert!
OK, so you're outdoors in July for at least an hour. Presumably, you don't want dairy because that can grow bacteria, and you don't want anything that can melt in the heat. My first thought would be a bar of some sort: blondies, brownies, cobbler bars (shortbread bottom layer, thin layer of fruit filling, and then a streusel topping), or maybe seven-layer bars *if* you keep the chocolate chips in the middle so that they don't melt all over people's hands.

As for cakes, layer cakes can be risky because if your frosting or filling breaks down in the heat, the cake layers can slide around and turn into a big mess. So, I'd go with a sheet cake. Texas sheet cake is one option that comes to mind -- that's a chocolate cake with a sugary chocolate frosting that becomes a little brittle on the top, so it's almost like a frosted brownie (if you watch Cook's Country, that was one of the recipes they did a couple weeks ago). I've also seen peanut butter sheet cakes and sheet cakes topped with cinnamon sugar.

Good luck!

Hungry Caterpillar 06-07-2012 01:03 PM

Re: Need a fantastic summer dessert!
If you are actually grilling that pizza onsite and there will be bbq'ing, we like to do grilled fruit - mainly apples, bananas and peaches and serve over kinda melty ice cream. If you take the ice cream with you and have it in a cooler, it will get to the consistency in around an hour that it would need to be to serve.

For grilled bananas, slit the top and keep them in their peels. Put in a tiny bit of butter or honey, and a tiny bit of brown sugar. The sugar in the banana will caramelize too and they are so, so yummy.

For peaches, peel and core them and wrap in foil with some honey or butter and brown sugar if the peaches aren't sweet enough themselves.

For apples, same thing, but we do in a pie plate covered in foil straight on the BBQ.

You can do apples and peaches in chunks too but halves are prettier

For adults, we add a touch of scotch to each fruit - yum!

Let cool a tiny bit so it doesnt turn the ice cream to soup.

This is my favorite summer dessert because it really highlights the fruit.

FunLovinMama 06-07-2012 03:59 PM

Re: Need a fantastic summer dessert!
I like this grape salad recipe.

raisingcropsandbabies 06-07-2012 06:44 PM

Re: Need a fantastic summer dessert!
I saw a cute idea for homemade pecan sandies rolled in powdered sugar (makes them look sandy) and in the shape of a cresent. Then you put them in medium sized play buckets (you know the $1 ones with a shovel attached) so they look like sand/beach fun. So cute!

I've made a "water" cake before that was incredibly easy. Make a circle cake or cupcakes. Ice them with a blueberry icing (instead of using blue food coloring to make it look like water) in a whipped fashion. Then put teddy graham bears (or rabbits, etc) inside of a those gummy lifesavers and stick them all over cupcakes/cake. It looks like the animals are swimming on innertubes. :)

Hands&Fire Pottery 06-07-2012 07:35 PM

Re: Need a fantastic summer dessert!
I have recipes for two delicious cakes- a pineapple cake with cream cheese icing, and a shoefly cake. Both I would think would be okay out that long, especially if you had the pineapple one in the fridge first.

kotzally 06-22-2012 10:19 PM

Re: Need a fantastic summer dessert!
I am needing a great summer dessert too! Something refreshing?? Thanks for this post!

wordmama 06-23-2012 07:08 PM

One of my kids favourite recipes is BBQ'd bananas! You slice the banana in half lengthwise and put it in tin foil. Then you have a variety of toppings the kids can choose (chocolate chips, strawberries, cherries, coconut, nuts, sprinkles, honey, jam, caramel). Once they're done, you wrap up the banana and throw it on the BBQ for five minutes. We like to serve over ice cream!

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ittybittycoconuts 06-23-2012 10:19 PM

Re: Need a fantastic summer dessert!
Id make a giant home made angelfood bundt cake(from a box haha no one has to know) and serve it with a mix of fresh berries lightly sweetened and vanilla whipped cream.

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