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Olivias Momma 10-04-2010 08:24 PM

Just want to share my story...
I'm having a "good nursing day" lol. DD was 2 in June and is still nursing (she is my 1st). I've tried to wean her, since thats what you're "supposed" to do, but she won't cooperate :giggle2: DH's 2 older kids were formula-fed, as was DH, so hes no help in this, except he sure appreciates the fact that we never had to spend money on formula!! DD is actually the only grandkid on DH's side, out of 12, who was BF!! DD still nurses at nap time, bed time, and at some point during the night-we co-sleep. Ive been frustrated with her pinching, the pressure from others that shes TOO old, etc. But something told me the pain weaning would cause DD wasnt worth it. -and part of me is too lazy lol-
My mom was a "flower child" and nursed both my older sis and me. Her mom didnt BF her or her 2 sisters. I always assumed I would follow in her footsteps as she is my BFF and the reason Im alive. She thinks its time to wean, but Ive explained my thoughts on child-led weaning and she totally gets it.
DD is so amazing, so bright, intelligent, precocious, just unreal!! I really attribute this and my relationship with her (shes a momma's girl) to our nursing since she was less than 3 hours old. Some days, I cant stand her need for my boobs, but most days, I cant imagine NOT waking up with her in my arms, in my bed, looking at me with the "May I nurse" question in her eyes. Shes still such a baby in some ways, a teenager in others, but I hope that therelationship we began when she was so tiny!! will last a lifetime.
I hope that by sharing my feelings (Im not good at sharing lol) I can remind other mommas who are frustrated that their babe is still nursing, etc, that is is really the most precious gift that God couldve given us as mothers.

misidawnrn 10-04-2010 09:12 PM

Re: Just want to share my story...
I just posted above you how frustrated I am sometimes at nursing a toddler but I love it too! I will let DD wean herself but I understand the "demand" for nursing. We stopped co sleeping a while ago and DD actually sleeps better in her own bed but she naps in my arms still about 75% of the time.

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