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flutist 08-04-2006 07:27 PM

TTC #2 any tips
For those of you that read my other thread, I convinced my DH that now is the right time to TTC for #2:thumbsup: . However I have no idea if I'm going to ovulate because I'm still bf my 11 mos old, and I have not had my cycle regularly at all. I know many of you have done it, so I know there's hope. Here is my problem. I'd really like to try for this month or September because I'm a teacher and that would make the baby due may or june, leaving me the summer off with the baby, then right back to work in September. I'd much prefer to be a SAHM, but at least my DH is a SAHD so I feel alot better going back to work. Other than DTD often what should I be doing to increase my chances of conceiving, or atleast knowing if I'm O or not. I do have a couple of those clear blue easy O tests, but without having my Cycle regularly what do I do. Is this a pipe dream :banghead: or do I really have a chance at this?

I appreciate any and all advice comments or just :2cents: if you've got it, I'll try anything!!!!

kthoelen 08-05-2006 08:41 AM

Re: TTC #2 any tips
WARNING: This is a TMI post!!! But it works! I have 2 by this method and am ttc #3!!

After you do the deed you should stay laying down for 1/2hr or more. This gives the spermies time to swim up with out fighting gravity!! One way to tell when you are ovulating (gonna be tmi!!) when you go to the bathroom you will notice that you are "slimier" than normal or when you wipe it will be like you are sliding up your tush(again tmi but true!!) You will just notice that you are very wet for a couple of days That is when you want to get busy!!

Hope this helps and best wishes!!


flutist 08-05-2006 07:01 PM

Re: TTC #2 any tips
Yes TMI!!! but thanks for the tip I'll remember that

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