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mrseum 01-06-2014 10:09 PM

Omy. Yesterday was extremely busy- as was this morning. I cannot stop having contractions unless I lay down/use my heating pad. Finally I am resting and Enoch is kicking and wiggling a storm. I am seriously just SO sore and exhausted!! :/ he's not due until feb 5th! Tomorrow we're going to get a carseat. He dropped yesterday, & while I haven't felt as much of the "pinching cervix" feeling of dilation I'm getting a little more...nervous I guess!!
DH started a full time job last week, & tomorrow is his first & only day of in the week. Thank God I will be able to sit a bit...
Eta: e Ben water isn't doing it. I must have drank 10 medium refilled BK cups full of water, 2 water bottles full, 1 small cup of coffee, & the original cup of powerade. I HATE drinking- but I've been on top of it today.

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