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Mom2Connor 08-30-2012 03:13 PM

How do you get that FIRST PEE on the toilet for a boy?
I don't think DS is ready, but I think he could be ready soon. I really have no clue how to even START to PT him? I have friends with kids younger than him (he just turned 2) who are almost completely PT'd and some who will potty on the potty but aren't PT'd otherwise.

DS loves his little potty (bjorn) and will carry it around, pull his shorts down himself and sit on it (in his diaper). I've tried letting him go naked, but when he pee's (which isn't fun, our main living area is carpeting) I try to get him to sit on the potty but it startles him when he starts pee'ing and I go to move him to the potty, so he stops pee'ing and won't start again.

One mom friend said she just pushed on her DS's belly a little and it made him pee. :headscratch: I tried that but DS just giggles, thinks we're playing a game.

I think if I could catch just one pee in the toilet, he would really like this new "game" but I have no clue how to make that first pee in the potty happen. He's sat on it plenty when naked, and I hoped to catch a random tinkle, but no such luck of course. He's still wet during naps and major wetter overnight. I know he's not "ready" but I'm just trying to understand how to know when he's ready and how to catch that first pee in the potty.

I have asked DH to let DS watch him pee in the toilet, but one, DH of course stands up and I don't want to confuse DS (if DH sits I don't think DS could really see what's going on YKWIM?) and 2, DH thinks it's super weird to have DS watch him pee. :banghead:

My mom and aunt are no help, they think it's odd that at 2 DS isn't PT'd and sleeping in a regular bed by now. They insist their boys (my mom raised one, aunt raised 3) were PT'd much earlier than this and sleeping in a normal bed long before this...DS doesn't climb out so we aren't worried about moving him yet and I don't want to push PT'ing but I don't want to miss the boat on HOW to start either.

blackbirdmama*3 08-30-2012 03:18 PM

Re: How do you get that FIRST PEE on the toilet for a boy?
We put cereal in the toilet and told them to hit it lol!

Mom2Connor 08-30-2012 03:19 PM

Re: How do you get that FIRST PEE on the toilet for a boy?
if I said that DS would use his hand. How do you get them to understand how to make themselves PEE?

blackbirdmama*3 08-30-2012 03:29 PM

Re: How do you get that FIRST PEE on the toilet for a boy?
My dh always let the boys see him pee so I do think that helped. Honestly I waited until they showed signs they were ready. We actually let them be naked outside when they played and dh would tell them to pee on a rock or whatever. Once we started pt'ing we did away with daytime diapers/pullups completely. There was lots of cleaning up but by the 2nd or 3rd day they really had it down. It sounds like he's probably not really ready yet.

jamie714 08-30-2012 03:30 PM

I have not personally trained a boy yet. Only two girls my boy is a baby but I plan on just starting him out standing up. Let DH show him. My sis in law did this with her two boys. That is where the Cheerio comes in from the pp. they are going to learn to stand anyway so why not just start that way?

Bhavana 08-30-2012 03:32 PM

Re: How do you get that FIRST PEE on the toilet for a boy?
We began naked time some 2 mos ago for DS2. And Since I was always around, as soon as I noticed he'd peed (unusually quiet/ looking at me askance) I would immediately mop it up and tell him that he should pee in the loo just like dh, ds1 and I. He ofcourse wouldnt get it, and the peeing anywhere continued, except he improved to calling me out after a pee. Then he began bringing the mop himself to where he'd peed! Yeah, that was cute!

Now he tells me he has to pee/pees on cue. It helps to take him to the loo about every half hr after he's drunk a glass of any liquid. We CD him only at night now.

In the loo, I stand him on the toilet and point his penis into the bowl-sometimes I ask him to hold-doesnt work well there yet - and of course make the Ssssss sound. He does the sound himself too these days!

ETA: We dont have carpets, ours is tiled.

Mom2Connor 08-30-2012 03:56 PM

Re: How do you get that FIRST PEE on the toilet for a boy?
Everyone always says on these threads to "wait until they are ready" but no one ever says what those signs are. ......

Sarai* 08-30-2012 04:26 PM

Re: How do you get that FIRST PEE on the toilet for a boy?
I know your husband would not want to hear this, but Dad demonstrated to son. Just because guys normally pee standing up does not mean that a sit down demonstration cannot be arranged; my son was shown by his dad how to "point things in the right direction".

So demonstrations were had, son went with dad to bathroom occasionally, and little more was said about it. My son is STUBBORN, so I wouldn't have dreamed of suggesting the potty to him. He was ready when his bladder could hold enough urine for 2 hours, which didn't happen for us until 2 years 9 months. Before that he peed about every 15 minutes, and training would have taken every minute of the day. Anyway, when he could hold it for that long, he started using the potty himself on his own accord and I reinforced peeing in the potty by talking it up how his favorite heros (fire fighters, police officers, Superman, and Spiderman, ALWAYS went pee in the potty every time they had to go. Auntie helped things along by pointing out that fire fighters needed to use the potty regularly, so they wouldn't be caught off guard and have to go while they were fighting a fire.

Good luck! If dad won't cooperate, maybe an cousin a couple of years older?

brookglen 08-30-2012 04:46 PM

Re: How do you get that FIRST PEE on the toilet for a boy?
I could have written your post myself. Except I ave a girl. We have been keeping her completely naked for about five days now and I have yet to catch a single pee. I sit her on the potty for several minutes and tell her to go pee repeatedly. When nothing happens I set her free and a minute later she will go pee on the floor. It's so frustrating because I know once she gets that first pee down and sees how big a deal we make of it she'll get the hang of it. If she isn't ready yet, I'll eat my hat. She hides when she poops, takes her diaper off all the time, Can actually say that pee goes in the potty. It's time.

I will say that I had a similar issue training my step son. He would freak out when I put him on the potty. On day one he had two colossal accidents which sent him into melt down mode. My husband and I seriously questioned whether we were pushing him too soon. At one point I found a bag of M&Ms and told him he could only have some if he peed on the potty. In a very dramatic manner he ran to his dad in tears saying he didn't want to use the potty. My husband stood strong and shrugged his shoulders at which point my step son looked up at both of us (I could SEE the tear switch being turned off) and said "oh, all right I'll use the potty". Ha, the little con artist marched right upstairs and peed all by himself.

Belle 08-30-2012 04:49 PM

I had to get my boys' first pees in their underpants sans diaper, sorry to say. Once they recognized the sensation of peeing (again, have to do this without a diaper catching the pee) you should be able to explain that they should put it in the potty because it feels yucky in their underwear. If they don't understand this, or can't understand how to get to the potty on time after a day or so, he's probably not ready. I taught both of mine on the regular toilet, and DS2 even learned standing up because thats what he saw his brother do. I don't know about your DH's discomfort at being an example, with 3 boys in the house, sometimes I feel like the main bathroom is more of a men's locker room!!

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