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mibarra 11-17-2012 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt
I called and begged the nurse to fax the audiogram for me and she's doing it right now :lostit: so relieved I don't have to drive all the way to the city on Tuesday and sit there until they give it to me lol.

How did I miss this one? :) DD1 is hearing impaired. Even if he doesn't qualify for special ed children with medical conditions that require accommodations (such as an FM system) can have a 504 plan.

canadianbakers 11-17-2012 10:47 PM

Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 11th-17th

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny (Post 15944080)
Can BH contractions be stress related? I noticed it happens when I am stressed or late or upset. I am usually in the car when they happen, too.

That's great that they got you in so soon! I like their attitude already and I'm not even the one going. =) So your DH will be able to take off easily then?

Oh boy. Now I have a new fun thing to do when I am bored... google doppler sounds. =) I don't have my doppler anymore, but I kind of remember a bunch of weird sounds I heard and would love to know what they were. Stay warm and have fun at the parade!

AFM: so I am going to go ahead and make a gender guess... I cannot stop looking at girly things. I have come up with a ton of girl names and some of them DH actually kind of likes. I told him I have girl on the mind a lot lately and he agreed. So my guess is the opposite, boy. I had a dream that I was sure it was a girl and out popped a boy so yeah... I'm guessing boy. =)

BH can be anything related, or nothing related, really. Stress triggers makes sense, and the position of sitting in the car. I get a lot when I get dehydrated and when I'm walking a lot, too.

Me too - I'm still nervous to go, but I'm feeling more comfortable thinking about going there than I was before just thinking about the u/s in general or especially the thought of having to go to the other hospital.
Yes, DH will easily be able to get that afternoon off - he's teaching on the hutterite colony in the afternoons, so all he'll have to do is let the principal know what it's about and they'll get a sub (or maybe they won't - up to them).

:) I just googled placenta doppler sound and got a few good links right away. Not really much I didn't know, other than the placenta "wind" sound, but neat all the same.

:giggle2: I'm so glad you said all that and then guessed boy! I was thinking the same as I was reading it, lol.
When I was pregnant with Levi we were able to think of a girls' name easily, I kept loving girly stuff and even bought a few girl things - when I did, DH told me I just made the baby a boy :giggle:
I really don't know this time - usually I just guess whatever is the opposite of what I'm feeling like it is, but this time I don't have any strong feelings either way. The only thing that makes me think one way or the other is the m/s this time - had it a lot with the girls, barely at all with the boys. So, we'll see.

AFM: Don't know why I forgot it, but remembered when posting about the doppler stuff there - on Thursday, when we got Hiccup's hb (ever so quickly, but a few times chasing him) the Dr said "that's the baby" to Levi. On Friday, as soon as Levi saw the doppler, he rushed over to watch, when he heard the hb he said "that's baby!" :wub:

sunnygirlmomof6 11-18-2012 06:41 AM

Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 11th-17th
We had a busy day yesterday. Had to do a party over an hour away, but the weather was nice and the horses did well. I was just worried all day because I did not feel baby girl move hardly at all. But, her HR was strong when I checked it last night and she has been wiggling a little this morning, so all is well I guess. She had just been moving a lot mreo the past few days and then nothing yesterday. I guess she was resting. LOL

canadianbakers 11-18-2012 08:09 AM

Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 11th-17th
new week (all ready?!), new thread

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