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starbuckmom 09-03-2009 11:39 AM

Question for Columbia Missouri mamas
We will be going through Columbia tomorrow sometime in the early afternoon. We are heading up to north of Kirksville. We always go through Columbia so I know a bit about it and where things are.

Here is my question: Where is a nice park to stop at for my ds to get out and run around and climb? I know there is a nice big park but thats farther in town and we want to stay right off of 63North. We usually stop at the QT station right there at 63 and 70 for potty breaks and drinks and snacks but since it's so nice out, I would like to find a park.

Any help?

BooneNicuMama 03-09-2011 04:29 PM

Re: Question for Columbia Missouri mamas
Should you come back through Columbia sometime again ( as your post date is rather old) I should let you know that we don't really have any parks directly off of 63.

If you want to take the exit that is two BEFORE the one with QT ( That is if your coming from the south and headed up towards Kirksville) you can get off at the grindstone exit, and take it into town about three minutes and there is one there.

Or you can swing all the way over to I-70 and take the stadium exist, and there is one just to the right there. (( Which is likely the one your know of)).

the only good option in that particular spot would be to go to the BK play area and let your little one play there. it's not a park, but it would still give the kiddo a break :)

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