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Kimmomy2dom 06-06-2006 07:30 PM

Well fudge!
I failed my one hour GTT. I kind of knew it was coming (kind of how I had the inkling there were two, LOL). I'd been REALLY thirsty, and with the increased chance with multiple gestation, etc. I kinda knew it was coming. Has anyone done the 3 hour? We got lucky and got that in the same day as my next big growth ultrasound and Dr. appointment so it won't seem like such a long time.
Seriously - how many different places can they find to draw 4 different things of blood?! LOL, the techs at that office are GREAT! I just don't like being a poked a whole lot. I'm also a sugar addict so it's not something I'm looking forward to getting rid of. ;) Anyone share any experiences? I know I could still pass, but with my thirst lately I think I probably won't.
I also don't know how much exercise they could have me do - I contract when I go grocery shopping, LOL.

bfoster2000 06-06-2006 08:05 PM

Re: Well fudge!
With DJ I failed the 1 hour but passed the 3 hour. Honestly, I don't think I've ever known anyone who passed the 1 hour but I did this time, thank goodness! Did you fast before the 1 hour? With DJ, I did and my OB said that was why I failed it...she said you were not supposed to fast, you just weren't supposed to have anything sweet. This time they told me to fast so I don't know if there are different kinds of tests or something. I've heard other people say they were told both ways.

I freaked out when I failed the 1 hour with DJ but a girlfriend of mine had GD and she said it was really no big deal. She said that she was scared she was going to have to cut out all sugar or something but the changes she had to make were minimal. The only real effect it had on her was that they wouldn't let her go past her due date because the baby was supposed to be too big (probably not a problem with twins!). They insisted on inducing her and she had problems as a result of that and wound up with a C-section. Oh yeah, and just for the record, she wound up with a gargantuan 6.5 pound baby girl!

With DJ, I bought into what a big deal GD is and all that but early in my pregnancy this time, I saw a thread about it at MDC and started doing some reading. Do a google search for articles by Henci Goer regarding Gestational Diabetes. She (he?) is not the only one writing about it but it seems that it may not be quite as big a deal as some OBs would have us believe. The most persuasive thing I read was a study that compared mothers who were treated for GD with mothers who were not treated and looked at the maternal and fetal outcomes for both groups and found no significant differences. Several of the homebirth midwives I've talked to this time have told me that they don't even recommend the GTT. They watch your urine for signs of problems but otherwise, it's not a big deal. My CNM insisted that I take the test anyway and I figured you have to pick your battles...I'm arguing with her on enough other stuff, this one was minor so I went ahead and did it, but if I had failed, we probably would have fought more.

Oh and as for the logistics of it, they stuck me twice in each the elbow where they always do. I took my laptop and rearranged the chairs in one corner of the waiting room so that I could prop my feet up and be comfortable. It wasn't too big of a deal...I got a half a day off work anyway! Good luck!

hfitz5051 06-06-2006 08:06 PM

Re: Well fudge!
Sorry, I've never had it done. I hope it goes smoothly for you though!

mamas120 06-06-2006 08:10 PM

Re: Well fudge!
I have no suggestions but I hope all goes well!!!

Willys Woolies 06-06-2006 08:13 PM

Re: Well fudge!
I always failed the one hour! LOL! For the three hour they will poke you any way/order you want...once in one arm, three x in one arm, all in one arm or 2 x in each arm, you can alternate or whatever you want...not a big deal at all!

Kimmomy2dom 06-06-2006 08:49 PM

Re: Well fudge!
I passed the one hour with my son - but I kind of knew it was coming this time. LOL I wonder if the chocolate shake the night before and the waffles and syrup that morning helped any!! I NEVER have sweet stuff for breakfast (well, that sweet) so I think that might have thrown it off. I dunno...that's why I was thinking I'd pass the three hour, but then again I've been really thirsty and with multiple gestation it wouldn't surprise me if I failed the 3 hour, too. I wonder if the fact that I'm slightly heavier this pregnancy (well, before pregnancy I was about 20 lbs. heavier than before my first pregnancy) would add to it any.... I don't know much about it in general.
I always give them my left inner elbow first (easiest vein to find on me). I'm really pasty and I can see my veins, but apparently they're hard to find with a needle - people always seem to have trouble with mine. LOL, at least DH will be there. He doesn't have to see it, but he hates needles, LOL, he can just imagine the fun from the waiting room.

*~Mindy~* 06-06-2006 09:30 PM

Re: Well fudge!
i dunno, i didnt take it - i just checked my sugar like a diabetic does all the time. it was better for me in i dont like how so many people get all kinds of issues with the tests and stuff so i didnt bother, as well as taking a test once isnt going to be conclusive necessarily, IMO. and when i have blood drawn it makes me go numb in that arm and it stays that way among other things so ui refused, poking my top of my arm doesnt hurt or mess with my body :)

but anyway i wish you luck with it and dont eat sugary stuff before this one LOL!! :P

lovemygirls 06-06-2006 09:33 PM

Re: Well fudge!
I past my 1 hr gtt with Morgan, and I failed the 1 hr gtt with Madalyn. BUT I past my 3hr test. I was a nervous wreck while I was taking the 3 hr test. But my #'s came back great after the 3 hr. Hope everything works out for you. My dr's office said that 90% of the time when you fail your 1 hr you'll most likey pass your 3 hr. :crossfingers: when are you going to have the test done?

Kimmomy2dom 06-06-2006 10:39 PM

Re: Well fudge!
Yeah, no - no sugary stuff before this one! I have to fast for 12 hours before the test. So from around 8:45 the night before I can't eat anything. I'm having the 3 hour done on this coming monday - so 6/12. LOL, I'm hungry a lot - they're gonna have one cranky pregnant lady in there, LOL. At least I have an ultrasound during it and I can see the girls while I'm doing it - maybe it will make it seem better, LOL. I think I'll have a feeling while taking the test or they're pulling my blood - I did this time anyway. I'm actually surprised they waited this long to test me. I was supposed to be 28 weeks when I took the GTT, but I was just barely 27. I just guess with multiple gestation I thought they would do it sooner. In any case, even if I do fail this one I won't be pregnant for all that long compared to some others (with how long they waited to test and doubting I'll get to 40 wks).
LOL, I'll try and refrain from my choclate shake the night before, too!

woolfulcomforts 06-07-2006 06:47 AM

Re: Well fudge!
i have no idea what you ladies are talking about:headscratch:

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