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naturegirl7 08-17-2006 10:29 AM

For the last week I had had a rash on my breast - not on the nipple itself, but around the edges of the areola and onto the breast tissue. At first I thought it was a contact dermatitis cuz I switched the brand of nursing pads I was using not even a week before. It is kinda reddish - what I consider raised (you can feel it, not just see it). It is dry and almost scaly. and it itches like crazy! Since it started I have not worn any breast pads at all, often going without a bra completely while home. I started on acidophilis and while the rash isn't getting worse any more, it isn't getting better either. But it doesn't hurt to nurse now and it did the first few days until I started the probiotics....

Could this be thrush??? I checked DS's mouth - nothing at all. Is it possible for me to have thrush but him not?? He eats yogurt almost every day, so I am wondering it that is protecting him. Or maybe it is just a dermatitis....

Can anyone help me out here?

emgremore 08-17-2006 10:47 AM

Re: Thrush??
YES it definitely could be thrush even if DS has no symptoms. Doesn't hurt to treat it like it's thrush , anyway. I gathered a few resources about the yeasties because DD had a yeast diaper rash. Maybe these will help:

We used gentian violet on DD's yeast diaper rash and it cleared it up. I would treat it like thrush and try to clear it up nutritionallly/naturally before it gets bad. Good luck.

Mom2Taylor 08-17-2006 05:36 PM

Re: Thrush??
We've got a case of thrush in our house right now. There are no visible physical symptoms for me....but that's just me. The only reason I knew was because I saw the white junk on Emily's tongue.

In retrospect, I had been having these twinges of deep breast pain. They would (well, "they do") last just a second and then it's gone. It happens very infrequently. I read that's a sign, but I had no idea before I read up on it and because the pain was so infrequent and so incredibly brief, I didn't think much of it (stupidly).

ANYWAY...I hope you're wrong because it's a pita!

momof4 08-22-2006 06:00 AM

Re: Thrush??
RAVE for APNO -- all purpose nipple ointment. I have been in severe pain from cracked and bleeding nipples due to thrush when a friend told me about this.

My OB called in a prescription to a pharmacy that does compounding, and the relief is almost immediate. Check it out!

MamaMegan 08-22-2006 07:05 AM

Re: Thrush??
It could definitely be thrush-- we battled it a lot with DS and most of my short breastfeeding relationship with DD.

The dry flakey rash sounds definitely like it to me. Get your nipples exposed, rinse them with water and don't cover them up-- they need the air. It was messy and gross but for us, gentian violet worked wonders when we caught it early on-- I'd pour it into dixie cups and use cotton balls (one per dip--) to paint my nipples, areola, and around them-- and then used a q-tip (another dixie cup) to do the inside of DSs mouth and lips-- we were a purple mess, but it worked.

We also used RX a few times -- though they always did a number on DSs stomach.

itsmelanie 08-22-2006 09:05 AM

Re: Thrush??
Oh gosh - I could totally have written your post a few days ago. I have that exact same rash (and have for a while - it's been coming and going.) Then a couple of days ago it started hurting and flaking a little. And OH MY itchy! Then last night I noticed little white patches in my baby's mouth. :( I'm waiting for the yeast to show up in *other* places ... sigh ... A couple of weeks ago I posted a note here about the rash, at the time that was my only problem and it seemed to go away so I didn't worry about it any more. Then it came back. ... sigh ...

Anyway - I've got a call in to my ped so I don't have any suggestions at this point. Just wanted to send confirmation to you.

I'm going to look at what others have posted now. I hate yeast!!

my3punkins2005 08-22-2006 10:50 AM

Re: Thrush??
I had i horrible with my first DS 8yrs ago and it was horrible!! got to the point where i was bleeding till i could find a LC around me to help me i had to drive 2 hours to find one..needless to say it shortened the nursing period because it had gotten so bad..with my next 2 children i learned what i need to do not to get it and haven't had it at all with the other 2

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