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safghf 02-04-2013 12:44 AM

Small steps...
But really I think it's a huge break through for us.

We have practiced EC since about 3 wks with my now 19 month old son. It's been a challenge with many ups and downs. He is very mobile, started walking at 7 months, and if it doesn't involve walking, running, jumping, chasing, etc he's not that interested.

He's always done well going potty when I take him, but never really given good signals. Only a handful of times has he gone to the potty on his own without prompting. We have always tried to offer the potty consistently especially when in the house, but when he was showing absolutely no interest, did not force the issue. The only time he consistently uses the potty on his own is when he wakes up. Many wet diapers and missed number twos have left me very exasperated at times :banghead: and I've really wondered if I was crazy for trying it at all.

Then, last week, he started peeing in the yard on his own on purpose. He would stop playing on the patio, say, "Mama," walk into the grass, pee (using proper boy form, which is either inherent or he and daddy have been practicing), and then show me. Now he has started doing it in the house too. He will stop playing and run to his little potty or into my bathroom for me to hold him over the big toilet. This is a clear sign that he is listening to the signals and paying attention to them.

This Friday night he came running to me in the kitchen and told me, "Papapapapa." He can't make "oo" sounds yet, so this is PooPoo :thumbsup: He ran into his bedroom with me trailing and pooped on his potty :lostit: He also pooped on the big potty when we were getting cleaned up, and then again in my hallway when what didn't make it into the first two potties apparently snuck up on him! But at least he asked the first time, and I'm still swooning with pride :giggle:

Today, my hubby was standing in the closet and started complaining that DS had walked in, gassed him and left. By the time he started complaining, though, I was already holding DS over the potty in our bathroom because he had come in and asked to get on there. He pooped again (this time getting everything in the potty), and was quite proud of himself!

I tell this story to let anyone who is frustrated with the process know, that there is hope. I know we are still going to have accidents, especially when he is out chasing his big sister and her friends, but if we can keep up the trend when inside where we have potties readily available, I think we will be in trainers within the month! I'm so excited!

leadmare 02-08-2013 09:13 PM

What a great story! Awesome!

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