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*Amy* 01-21-2011 10:34 PM

I have been having terrible contractions whenever I MOVE. The only thing that makes them go away completely is taking a bath, although laying down helps too. I pretty much sit on my butt all day. I am also having "digestive" problems, so sitting all day is horrible for that. I don't really know what to do. I've been having them for a couple of weeks but they keep getting more and more painful. :banghead: My best friend had the exact same thing happen and her OB told her she would go into early labor.. she actually never went into labor at all (she was trying for a VBAC) and had a c-section at 42 weeks. So I'm not *really* worried about early labor.. but I am worried about having terrible contractions for the next 3+ months. Does anyone have any advice? I did have BH contractions with my son but not until 35 or 36 weeks. I know BH are supposed to be painless but these HURT. I know I'm not in labor.. but do I really have to deal with this until May? :yuck: Oh and I have an appointment next Thursday and I'll talk to my OB about it then. I don't want to call in before that because I know they will tell me to get up to the hospital to be put on the monitors. :yuck::yuck::yuck: I'd rather not do that!

mich*mommy 01-21-2011 11:07 PM

Re: Contractions
I have had BH since 10-12 weeks, and they have gotten terrible in the last 3 days!

Just make sure they aren't getting more regular and stronger would be my biggest concern.

cococomey 01-21-2011 11:11 PM

Re: Contractions
I have had BH too for the last few weeks. Today was terrible :(
Worst day yet- I am blaming work & the weather....makes no sense but now that I am home and laying in bed I feel great!
Sorry I am no help ...

MamaSarahMay 01-22-2011 12:25 AM

Re: Contractions
Sorry Amy :( I have been having some painful BHs tonight, but I know they aren't the real thing so I'm just trying to take it easy. I hope your OB has some answers for you.

totallymymakings 01-22-2011 09:32 AM

Re: Contractions
hugs amy I'm feeling them too esp after working a 15 hr shift @ work. I've had to cut my days back to every 3 day cause it takes me 2 days to rehydrate after a shift. Make sure ur drinking enough water enough to where tmi ur pee is clear. You could have a bladder infection starting and not really relize it. Bladder spams can cause bh contxs. Just make sure ur ob know and if they are getting close together just run into l&d I know it's not fun but it's better to safe hugs

*Amy* 01-22-2011 09:53 AM

Re: Contractions
Stacie - I've been drinking a lot of water, so I don't think it's a bladder infection! I sure hope not anyway. I used to get them all the time so I know the signs but I haven't had one in quite a while.

I had no idea this was so common. :( I'm sorry to the rest of you mamas who are dealing with it too.

mamamaggie 01-22-2011 12:21 PM

Re: Contractions
I'm having lots of BH contractions too. As long as they are not more than 4 an hour, it is nothing to be worried about. But I don't know why they always describe them as painless. Of course they aren't as painful as the real thing, but they can wake you up at night.

MomToMyMonkeys 01-22-2011 09:49 PM

Re: Contractions
I had REALLY bad BH with Emery starting around 20 weeks, and they lasted to the end. It sucked. I got put on the shots just to be safe, and at 27 weeks they were coming every 10 minutes and I was in the hospital overnight. I've heard they are getting your body ready for "real" contractions and that the more BH you have the faster and easier labor will be. I ended up lasting to 37 weeks, and went into labor easily and had a 1 hour birth, so it was worth it :mrgreen:.

watermelon 01-23-2011 08:05 AM

Re: Contractions
My BHs have gotten stonger and worse with each pregnancy. The Docs and midwives in France told me that was perfectly normal and that they are not constructive contractions if they aren't regular. I've carried all my babies to full term or past. Sorry about your pain Mama!

Salidwyn 01-23-2011 01:20 PM

Re: Contractions
You are totally not alone in this at all! That's what I woke up to this morning and they were very painful. DH was pretty concerned since they were coming every 3 minutes or so and asking if we should go to the hospital.

If they lead to shorter and easier labors, that's fine by me (I think) but this is going to be a very long 18ish weeks! I don't know about you but my LO has been kicking like CRAZY lately and I'm wondering if that's aggravating them, since they only seem to get bad after s/he has started being really active. DH got karate kicked with his hand on my belly this morning over the comforter so the LO kicked THROUGH the placenta, comforter, and still had enough force that DH really, really felt it.

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