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xois 03-27-2008 11:59 AM

dropping a feeding or age of distraction?
My Daughter is just about 10 months (corrected back to 8 and 1 week)

Here is her pattern

up to nurse
morning bottle at school (3oz) and breakfast (5oz of fruit with 4tbs ceral)
nap 9-11
I go in at 11 to nurse
she has lunch (4oz veggies, protien, starch)
a little later an afternoon bottle (3oz)
a snack (2oz of food with cereal) and at somepoint during the day another bottle (3oz)
(sometimes, she doesn't have the third bottle)
she comes home at around 4 and I nurse her as soon as we get home
then in bed around 7...nurse her again
(when she isn't sick) she'l get up 1x in the night to nurse

On weekends - it works out like this

up to nurse
nurse to nap at 9
up around 11
lunch at 12
nurse to nap at 1 or 1:30
up around 3
nurse around 4
nurse to bed

here's my question

this week, she simply will NOT nurse when I go visit her at the day care center at 11

is she dropping this feeding...should I keep trying...for how long?

or is it just too fun at school...and she is distracted?


KatieJD334 03-27-2008 12:22 PM

Re: dropping a feeding or age of distraction?
It sounds temporary to me. She could be distracted by something, it also sounds like she's having a lot of solids while she's there which could be filling her up instead of nursing. I would continue to offer.

mommy21princess 03-27-2008 12:57 PM

Re: dropping a feeding or age of distraction?
I def. think she's probably just being distracted, don't worry if it begins to happen with a lot of the feedings. My dd went through the SAME thing at this time and we were at home. I'd def. try to take away anything that allows her to "suck" and that way she will be wanting to "suck" when you come. Also nursing in a Dark, quite room it will help a lot!! I know that's probably not possible for you if your going to her school to nurse but maybe you could find an empty room to nurse in. Also try different positions to nurse in.'s REALLY difficult during this time but remember babies need the nut. from bm/f for at least the first 12 months and should only get solids as a supplement not a replacement!!

BTW to help with your milk supply you should pump if she doesn't nurse well for you during those times. Also try making up sessions later on instead of giving extra bottles or solids. I know the best place i FOUND TO NURSE (sorry bout caps) kaytlynn when she was going through this was in the shower. She'd nurse like a champ in the shower even if she wouldn't the rest of the day. I also started getting her up in the night for dream feeds to make up for lost sessions in the day. They will come around, she did and is doing GREAT now! Good luck. PM me if you've got any questions I'd love to help!!

pumpkins_mom 03-27-2008 01:28 PM

Re: dropping a feeding or age of distraction?
I think it depends what your goals are for her eating. Are you both ready for her to be getting more nutrition from solids? Do you want breastmilk to be her primary source of nutrition past the first year or are you thinking you'll cut back her number nursings then?
For right now, it sounds like she is getting a good amount of nutrition from the solids you are feeding her. If she is finishing those (especially the larger breakfast one), she may not be hungry at 11am to nurse. Distraction may be a factor as well, but I'm guessing it's a combination. Good luck!

xois 03-28-2008 06:06 AM

Re: dropping a feeding or age of distraction?
thanks all

I cut her breakfast by one cube (4 instead of 5), so hopefully she'll want to nurse at 11.

:) want to perserve our relationship as I'd like to go until at least 2

mommy21princess 03-28-2008 12:52 PM

Re: dropping a feeding or age of distraction?
Way to go momma! This is a tuff time but it does get easier you just have to stay patient with them!! GL!

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