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justjess 03-03-2013 02:28 PM

Dream It To Be: diapers, wipes, wet bags, daiper bags, bra pads and..
anything you're imagination can design!

Decided to finally get my WAHM thread up and running since i've been taking things slow on facebook for a while. I'm Jessica the wahm behind

where things are limited only by your imagination!

If you are on facebook feel free to go by and check out my page and "like" it! There are loads of photo albums and items readily available plus sales and giveaways are a regular thing these days!

Some of the items I offer are one size pocket diapers, ai2, and fitteds (10-45lb and a trim fit) newborn aio, ai2, and fitted diapers (6-14lbs depending on build) and extended tab prefolds in sized small, medium, large, or custom sizing is available.
os on smallest setting
snap placement
pocket opening
nb fitted
nb and soakers

8x8 wipes are available in high quality fabrics such as knits, wovens, cv, obv, flannel, and bamboo terry
unpaper towels are turned and topstitched and offered in a variety of fabrics.

contoured bra pads for day and night use!

wetbags come in sizes small and medium (a medium long version is randomly stocked) but can be custom ordered in larger sizes. Pail liners are also available upon request.

Here is some info from my facebook page on items and prices! I'm always adding new stuff and unique creations so dont miss out!

Wetbags are great for soooooo many things. from makeup to soiled diapers to holding a leaky cup or a melted candy bar. They come in various sizes and for the time being i will be offering small and medium which are the two most frequently used wetbags in my house:) All wetbags will come with a snapping handle to allow ease in hanging. Kitchen style bags have two handles to easily hang from stove fronts OR can be hung on the back of a kitchen chair for young ones to place their used napkins in!

small - 9x9 $12

medium - 11x13 $16

medium wet/dry bag - 11x13 $24

Kitchen wet bag 11x13 $16

kitchen wet/dry bag 11x13 $26


Fleece pants, shorts, and soakers are a great way to keep little legs snuggly warm in the winter. Lots cloth diapering mamas use them for their little ones over a fitted/prefold as a cover so that the babies bottom can breath easily and remain rash free.

Fleece has a little bit of stretch to it but please check size listed and compare measurements to your child.

all size fleece longies (custom sizes included) $14


Whether its a nose, hands, face, or even a babies bottom one can never have to many plush wipes! Wipes come in many fabric combos and all are combos i have used and love. my wipes measure 8x8 when finished.

wipe prices are

1 dozen - $16

1/2 dozen- $8

or $1.40 each

some prices will vary due to fabrics but the difference will be noted in the item description.


Diapers will be offered in several different combinations. there will be etpfs, all in ones, all in twos, and pocket dipes. At this point in time i am working on a os fitted diaper and will offer testing for it in the near future but for now all diapers have a waterproof outer layer. My diaper pattern has been tested and reviewed and found to be satisfactory. Since i wouldnt sell a product that i wouldnt use in my own house or on my own child i can tell you that i know for certain my os pattern will fit from 10lbs-45lbs depending on build. Since 10lbs isnt the size of the average newborn i also offer newborn diapers. i find its much easier to have a sized diaper on a tiny little one so that bulk can be kept at bay.

nb- made with a variation of the darling diaper nb pattern (with subtle variations this pattern is AMAZING so i decided not to mess with a good thing)

pricing will range from $12-$18

os- my own personal pattern designed to fit a baby from 10-45lbs

priced from $17-$25

ETPF= extended tab prefold made from my own pattern



Covers will be offered randomly and will be made using my own patterns. I will be offering os and sized covers.

os cover prices $17-$20

sized cover prices coming :)

Unpaper towels

tired of buying paper towels? In our family they always seem to fly off the roll and disappear!lol I decided to make some adorable little boy themed towels for the kitchen in just the perfect size as that of a paper towel and we LOVE them! Our selection of towels happen to be in crazy fun boyish designs but they can also be made to match your decor. i use several different combos to make unpaper towels.

I use cotton woven on one side of some unpaper towels as i find that its easy to remove the nasty bits and pieces of food from a table or counter while NOT getting it stuck to the towel. If you do NOT prefer cotton woven on one side of your unpaper towel then keep a lookout as they will vary in fabric choices.

towels- 10x11

$2-$4 each depending on fabric chosen

Bra pads

these are a contoured design that will be usable for day or night (heavier ones will be available for nighttime use as well). fabrics vary as many like different combos but my fave and most popular is a bamboo velour/cotton velour against the skin, bamboo hemp or fleece for inner and a fleece backing to keep from leaking through. these are designed to not show through clothing or be big and bulky and annoying!

price range $3-$6 per pair

Diaper bags These come in ALL different sizes and can also be custom designed to your liking! If you have a special request for a bag just let me know in a message and i'll be super happy to get back with you on it and see what we can do to make your bag dreams come true!

start price is $25


cuddle up- perfect size for new babies, lovies, or stroller blankets at 30"x30" approximately $30-$40 (depending on fabric options)

snuggle up- one of my favorite sizes at 43"x43" approximately $40-$50 (depending on fabric options)

larger size blankets will be available soon!

justjess 03-05-2013 06:53 AM

All items discounted for ds mamas :)

Medium 11x15 wetbag super Heros $17ppd

Circus medium wetbag 11x13 $17ppd

justjess 03-18-2013 11:46 AM


justjess 03-20-2013 02:47 PM

Giveaway at 200 fans!!! Join me on Facebook!

justjess 03-23-2013 07:28 AM

All one size pockets on sale until


justjess 03-25-2013 09:11 AM


justjess 04-05-2013 02:34 PM

Giveaway ending tomorrow at 3pm cst! Don't miss out on fun and free!

justjess 04-11-2013 08:15 PM

$20 introductory price on all fitteds until Saturday!

justjess 11-09-2013 10:57 AM

New etsy store up and running :)

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