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raelynn 07-21-2009 10:16 AM

I peed my baby!!!
I had done so much reading on EC and was sorta torn, and then I decided to try last night with my 4month old and she peed! And I've done it successfully 3 more times today!!

So now I'm sorta wondering what's next? I didn't follow any cues, I just put her over the sink/pot and assumed the position and she went after only 10 seconds of me making the "sss" sound. I have NO idea how to deal with poops (which would be my ultimate goal if I can make this work!!).

Will she start holding her bladder longer? She is a dribbler now, pees every 5 min or so. How long does it take babies to realize they will be peed?

sunnymommy 07-21-2009 07:44 PM

Re: I peed my baby!!!
That's great. Kind of the same here. At five months I read a book, thought "no way", held her over the toilet in the position and made the noise and she went! Just keep on doing it as often as you want to/have time for and you will slowly start to pick up on her rythms/cues. Poops are usually the easiest because you can tell when they're coming. Just do the same thing as for pees. It's great responding ahead of time instead of cleaning up after!

Whipple 07-21-2009 08:27 PM

Re: I peed my baby!!!
Maybe leave her naked and try taking her every 15 minutes or so at first, for a coupe of hours. Then once she does start holding it a bit longer then start waiting longer in between and looking for squirms.

It feels like such an accomplishment the first time you catch a pee.

smblake 07-22-2009 11:20 AM

Re: I peed my baby!!!
awesome raelynn! - we have been doing some with Nigel as well - I don't catch everythign and its a little frustrating because I have to have him pee in the bath tub to catch it (rainbow pees):giggle2: - I need to be more consistent with it because I can tell he likes it better than peeing in a diaper.

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