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mommyto2girls 03-19-2008 12:25 PM

discusion with DH
ok so a couple of days ago my DH said he wanted me to wean the baby (she's almost 13 months...and that's when I weaned my oldest which BTW I regret...)

anyways I just left it at that..and well did nothing:giggle2: I've been trying to figure out how to talk to him about it, well last night she was nursing and I was talking to him about it....and asked why he wants her to wean...bc you weaned ODD at this time. (:banghead: ya that bite me in the behind!)..yes but still...well your more attached to YDD and I think it's going to be hard for you to wean...:giggle2: yes it is hard to hurts physically and emotionally (and that's with gentle weaning)

anyways I think hes just getting uncomfortable with the fact and doesn't want a 2 year old nursing....I told him look your not nursing her so dont worry about it, she'll be weaned soon enough (just not yet)

and i had to explain the differance of our daughters at the same age nursing...(Oldest didn't eat at nighs at 12 months...Youngest still does)

so anyways he said ok ...but he's not happy about it I know
Oh well

mommy21princess 03-19-2008 12:37 PM

Re: discusion with DH
Well I've defentily btdt with my dh too and my dd is STILL nursing. At first I just kept explaining the benefits of nursing until the age of two. Now I just don't do it around him. She doesn't nurse much now that I'm 32 weeks pregnant BUT she does ask for it every now and then and I let her have it: in the rocking chair (in her room) before bed and if were on the couch in the mornings. Most of the time she doesn't even want it unless SHE thinks of it for some reason. I'd just stay on the downlow and explain the benefits when he brings it up.

In my opinion WE're the ones doing it and it's our bodys' so I don't feel they should have a say in WHEN Unless it's a REALLY good reason, and honestly I don't think they can come up with a GOOD reason! LOL I've offered that if dh wold find something that was NEG. with nursing a toddler I'd quit and to this day he hasn't other than "she's getting too old!" Well who made the rule?? I don't go around talking about her nusing all the time anymore but I don't HIDE it either, if the situation arrises I do explain to the wide open mouths that there is NOTHING wrong with nursing a toddler. I also ask if they hadn't asked me would they have known and no one can tell. She's a smart, sweet, UNattached, little girl who is VERY well mannered and has NEVER been told NO she couldn't nurse!! :) GL momma it's an uphill battle with this society! I wish more women/men would learn the benefits of nursing past 12months.

Did you know they now make a Formula for the 2nd year?? If they need the extra nutritan just think of how GREAT you're doing by giving her that PLUS the added positives of illness fighting antibodies!!

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