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Eliana's Mommy 08-21-2006 09:35 AM

I was part of MOPS in MI and now in IN as well. Each group runs different as to cost/no costs. If there is more then one group in your area, call them and ask about fee's. With fundraisers our $20 per year membership is paid for. Fundraisers also pay for our crafts, food etc. Childcare is free for us Mothers and the childcare workers get paid with fundraising money. We have discussions, crafts, activites and outings. The children also have crafts and lessons. We meet Sept-May, 630pm-830pm 1st & 3rd Thursdays. We also do outside activities such as walking, shopping trips, scrapbooking and etc.

mama23boys 08-21-2006 12:41 PM

i've never been to MOPS meeting before (not even sure if there is one here) and i noticed that one of the above posters said that they have devotions. is MOPS christian based??

if so does anyone know why?

erthangel 08-21-2006 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by mama23boys
i've never been to MOPS meeting before (not even sure if there is one here) and i noticed that one of the above posters said that they have devotions. is MOPS christian based??

if so does anyone know why?

MOPs is Christian-based.. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by why...

It was founded by Christian ladies?

It is not one denomination... Just "Christian" in general.... Anyone can attend, Christian or not..

My first MOPs group, we had non-denominational CHristians, Catholics, Methodist and Lutherans that I knew of... The church that is hosting the MOPs isn't what the group represents, you don't have to be a member of the host "charter" church to attend that group....

Does that help?

mama23boys 08-21-2006 12:56 PM

tks....i asked why just wondering how it came to be christian based but you answered that also!


sunshinemama 08-21-2006 02:59 PM

Thanks :) I"m gonna have to get ahold of one of the numbers and see if we can afford it.

LinzluvsGJ 08-24-2006 04:37 PM

I really have enjoyed MOPs as a chance to get to know some other moms since I moved to Ohio.
I attend two different groups-- one during the day which meets twice a month. We pay $5/meeting if you prepay for the "semester" or $7/meeting if you don't plus the nationwide dues of $20. The cost covers crafts, guestspeakers, plates/utensils (we meet in the morning and have brunch at every meeting brung potluck by small discussion groups), plus childcare. The other group is an evening group at my YMCA and it costs $2/meeting if you're a member of the Y (childcare is provided at our Y), more if you're not a member 'cause then you have to pay for the childcare.

Both groups offer a scholarship to those moms who don't have the financial ability to cover the meetings because we would like moms to be able to get the fellowship and support they need regardless of their financial situation.

mtollie 08-24-2006 05:49 PM

So those of you who have attended MOPS, can you tell me what the general attitude is towards more "AP" types of things, like CDs, extended breastfeeding, no spanking, etc.? I saw a debate on the national message board of MOPS about spanking that downright frightened me! (about needing to spank bare bottom to be effective, not doing things God's way if you don't spank like that etc.) Just wondered what some of your experiences had been...

GrowingUpMad 08-24-2006 06:18 PM

I think it all depends ont eh mamas at your particular MOPS group. The mamas at mine were just fine. There were several AP style mamas ~ not toally but slightly and no one said anything negitive.

I was so upset to hear that our MOPS group is no longer going to be. They were having an issue with volunteers and such so they decided because there are so many other MOPS groups locally that they would end it at hte church. I was looking forward to going back in a few weeks!!

Natrat80 08-24-2006 06:57 PM

This will be my second year at MOPS and I've really enjoyed it. I'm on the leadership team this year too. I basically signed up last year because we had just moved and I knew no one! I still get together with lots of the girls from my last year's group for playdates.

Our fees are $65. I think that covers national dues, money for craft (which we usually make then donate to a local charity), and I don't know what else! Maybe it goes toward the give aways....hmm...

Our MOPS last year went like this:
-come in, eat brunch (each table takes turns bringing food-we did it 4 x/year)
-announcements, encouragement

We had some awesome speakers. One that I really enjoyed was an OBGYN talking about post pardum depression.

mtollie I think it will depend on where you live, etc what the views are on those issues. In my group last year we did discuss spanking, time outs, and some (IMO) ridiculous things like putting hot sauce on the tongue of a sassy child :sadno: . Most of the women in my group were pretty respectful of each other's views on parenting and I never once saw a cat fight!:laugh:
mama23boys I just happen to have my MOPS notebook right here. I have some info about the purpose of MOPS:

MOPS international exists to encourage, equip, and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her potential as a woman, mother, and leader in the name of Jesus Christ. ....... MOPS is a Christian organization, but that doesn't mean we expect everyone in our audience to follow Jesus. Our programs, groups, and publications, while based on Biblical principles, are designed to be applicable to all moms- Christian or not, single or married, women of every background and lifestyle. MOPS meetings are not bible studies and MOPS publications are not meant to be spiritual self help books. Instead we challenge women to examine their own spiritual and personal needs through stories and examples. We know we can't force anyone to believe or accept the truths of Christianity; that's God's job. Our goal, however is to provide every mom with an opportunity to find out more about God, experience a little bit of God's love, and to have the opportunity to deepen her spiritual relationship. Wherever you are on your own spiritual journey, we hope that MOPS is nurturing you by meeting your needs to the glory of Jesus Christ.
HTH! :mrgreen:

stephdpn 08-24-2006 07:08 PM

I went to MOPS last year with two other DS mamas - fpww_rachael and kpapple...they go to a local church and invited was a LOT of fun, great discussion, prayer time, and my kids had fun...I am not sure about fees, but I think it is about $20 plus maybe $1 a kid per session...I think the baby workers were paid (they were older ladies from the church) but I could be wrong...the other kids were watched by a rotation of MOPS moms. Unfortunately, I can't go this year because it is on Tuesday and I am working now at my church's preschool on Tuesday, but it is definitely fun. For me it was great because I got to meet other Christian moms that weren't in my circle of friends - We are VERY involved at our church (DH and I are BOTH on staff) and I have been there since conception, but I need to widen my circle and branch out sometimes, and this was a perfect far as AP goes, I think that would just be dependant on who is in your group. For me, Kim and Rachael are both CD-ing B****** BW-ing mamas (I don't consider myself AP), so I was very comfortable in their midst!

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