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marvelous 06-09-2006 02:32 PM

Family Planning
How did you decide (or did you) to space your DC? I always thought I wanted my DC to be close in age like me and my sister, 18 months apart, but now that I have DD who is about to be 14 months, I am so not ready for another one yet. I know for sure that I want at least one more, but just not yet.

How did you plan or what was ideal for you? 2, 3, 4, .... years apart? Didn't matter? Let me know.

bfoster2000 06-09-2006 03:26 PM

Re: Family Planning
Well, I wanted more, dh didn't. And I'm not getting any younger, but I wasn't *sure* I was ready for more right away. We basically took a don't try/don't prevent approach. DH was more about the don't try part and I was more about the don't prevent part. Our marriage was not the greatest so we weren't exactly high risk for getting pregnant if you know what I mean. But it happened anyway so I figure it was meant to be.

I did pray about it a lot and asked God to guide us toward what his will was for our family...if we're meant to have another baby, then please help us to accept that and be the best parents we can be, if we're not meant to have another baby, then please help us to understand and accept that and be happy with the child we have and trust that there is a reason for everything. When I found out that I was pregnant again, I was scared...still am...but I'm trusting that this is what is supposed to be for us and I take comfort in that.

Good luck!

rowynne 06-09-2006 03:49 PM

Re: Family Planning
There are 2.5yrs between our first & 2nd. I had wanted them 2-3yrs apart & thats what we tried for. When ttc for our 3rd, we waited until dd #2 was already 2yrs old. But we had several losses and #3 wasnt born until #2 was almost 4yrs old. That ended up being good spacing however because our 2nd dd has ADHD and isnt as independant and "mature" as our first was so she needed the extra time. So now we have a 7.5yr, 5yr and 16mo old. Not sure if we will have any more children. If we do, I would like another by the time #3 is 2.5-3yrs old so they will be close in age like the first two are.

LilHippyMamma 06-09-2006 09:04 PM

Re: Family Planning
I wanted my first two kids around 2yrs apart. Then I wanted about a 4-5 yr break and then to have another two kids 2yrs apart.

How ever.. the first two were 26 months apart. Around what I wanted and the 3rd came 18 months later lol I'm excited but it wasn't what I "planned"

aliks 06-09-2006 09:50 PM

Re: Family Planning
We're planning the next one after dh's deployment next year, he should have some super swimming sperm saved up for me! Tony was an after a deployment baby too. So they will be around 2 years apart, depending on when he gets back.

SheilaJoy 06-09-2006 09:57 PM

Re: Family Planning
I usually get pregnant without much planning. I'll just get baby fever, and say "Let's go for it" and then it happens. The only reason there's so much space between my 2nd (7) and 3rd (3 1/2) is because the first two are from my first marriage.
Hannah, though, was a surprise. We hadn't planned on having her, and were trying to do NFP. I screwed up my dates, and there she was. Now we're all done, though. But, after all that babble, I guess my answer is that there's no rhyme or reason to how we spaced ours. :giggle:

belladonna 06-11-2006 07:47 AM

Re: Family Planning
My easiest kids are 23 mos apart, my first two. Then I have a 3 yr split and a 3 1/2 yr split. Three is hard! They're trying to hard to be "big kids" and they're still really babies, lol. I had 2 in diapers, 1 bfeeding, was co-sleeping, it was pretty nuts & I was tired all the time. If we had it to do again (we're done w/ 4 girls) I'd go for 18-24 mos apart max. My sister and I are 6 yrs apart, it was easier for my mom but sis & I didn't get along, we never had anything in common.

zonapellucida 06-11-2006 08:30 AM

Re: Family Planning
I didn't plan any spacing but I do prefer close

mommypooh 06-11-2006 08:51 AM

Re: Family Planning
I didn't plan the spacing but I love the spacing between #1 and #2 they are 22 months apart. I wouldn't have minded them being a little closer in age either. Now sice DS is 16 months apart I am starting to think I don't want anymore unless I get PG soon. I don't want big gaps between my children like my mom had. My mom has me I am 24, she has a 14 year old boy and a 6 year old boy. I hated having siblings that much younger than me. I was mom and I could not get them to leave me alone when I was a teen. They were always in my room breaking things and tearing things up and so forth, SO I think I might have been scared frmom that.

MamaZ 06-11-2006 09:03 AM

Re: Family Planning
DS is from my first marriage, but I had wanted them 2 years apart. So there is 3 1/2 years between DD and DS. Our next one I want to start TTC when she's 9 months though :)

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