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Heather1583 12-08-2012 09:26 PM

Country Save Users
So I have been making my own home made detergent for about 4 years now but recently I am reading nasty things about borax, washing soda, oxiclean, and bio-kleen bac-out.

Here is my wash routine that I have been using for years, old school top loader :) - cold quick wash cycle with 2T of home made detergent powder, a splash of bac-out and an extra rinse. Long Hot wash with just detergent, extra rinse. It works, my kids never got rashes from it, and I think I have had to strip once or twice over all these years. I use mostly BG pockets.

My home made detergent is borax, washing soda and grated dial currently. I read a long time ago not to use fels naptha (which when I did worked great IMO!) but I am trying to be as natural as I can and actually get clean diipes...

I am at a loss. It seems like no one really knows what is ok and what isnt with cloth diapers, every co has different rules and recommendations..arg. And dd is the only one in diapers now, and she is 1 so this wont matter for long :cry:

SO ANYWAY lol- I was considering just all out switching regular laundry and CDs to country save, and I can only seemingly find it in bulk. I wanted to know how you ladies compare it to other types and maybe even hopefully a similar home made detergent like I make. If you use it where do you buy it?

Heather1583 12-09-2012 06:04 AM


3 ladybugs 12-09-2012 06:18 AM

Re: Country Save Users
I got mine from Amazon. I got WAY too much of it and I am still trying to use it all (recently switched to soap nuts and left the last bit of CS for family that comes to visit and gets freaked out by soap nuts). My son is 4 years old and was PT at 21 months.

I loved CS and couldn't say enough good things about it until I took a month long vacation (to see family) when DS was 9/10 months old. That trip I used CS to wash his diapers and when we got back we HAD to go into spoosies for 1.5 months to get rid of issues we had with the diapers. :cry: The Ph was WAY off and he would scream everytime he went pee. Poor guy! I ended up going to Tide to get it clean so he didn't have this issue, per the recommendations on here. :cry:

I plan on using the soap nuts for this baby. They have done great with our laundry and they are compostable! So I see no flaws with them. Best of all, I can pack all we will need if we go out to the west coast for a month again, in a small space! However I have yet to use SN in a diaper situation so I can't vouch for them directly.

Good luck in your search!

organicmama10 12-09-2012 10:58 AM

Re: Country Save Users
I got ours from Amazon as well. Almost a year later and we're still at box #1! I don't use CS for regular laundry so I can't comment there. Haven't had any issues with detergent build up that I'm aware of. We somewhat hard water (we do have a whole house softener) which I think is contributing to the MF stinkies from minerals build up or unless it's the super saturated toddler pee!

I dissolve in hot water first and pour directly into the washer. We have a HE FL. Cold soak, hot wash with detergent and an extra rinse at the end. May run another normal cycle if I have a large load to ensure that the dipes are thoroughly rinsed. Hang to dry.

mamarudy 12-09-2012 02:04 PM

Re: Country Save Users
I have BG detergent which I'm told is basically Country Save repackaged. I haven't had to buy again yet but will need to in the next month. CS works great for us (use a top loader and have hard water). I found CS very cheap on but don't really know the site and read some mixed reviews. I wonder has anyone bought from

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