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zacifer 02-07-2012 01:54 AM

Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!
Ok, I know its early to start talking diapers.....WAY early. BUT, I'd really like to sew a NB where I can make a notch out for the cord. We have a huge supply of cloth, all pockets, since we were diapering 2 kiddos at once for a short time. BUT, they're all big pockets and I didn't put them on Kian (our first exclusively cloth diapered kid) until his cord stump fell off. I'd really like this next one to be in cloth straight from the belly. Plus, sewing is my therapy and I imagine sewing TINY fluff will be very theraputic. :giggle2: Anyone with experience? I was liking the looks of Rita's Rump Pockets. I want to keep it simple and use a snappie. What fabric will I need to use on the outer layer for a snappie to work well? I think I could make a notch out in those easily, or just fold it down a bit. I was going to give one a shot and have my friend who is one week overdue test it out when her newbie comes. Suggestions? Links? Experience?

P.S. I'm up way too late, and am not tired. ugh.........:banghead:

abhernandez 02-07-2012 04:53 AM

Love it!! Ive got nothing to say... Although Im thinking I might use the immense amounts of free time I have in the next 35 weeks to learn to sew.

Elijah'sMama 02-07-2012 10:23 AM

Re: Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!
i saw a tutorial on how to turn a prefold into a fitted, it looked pretty simple. and that would snappi very easilym let me try to find the blog...

Phin'sMom 02-07-2012 10:43 AM

Re: Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!
I started cloth diapering my oldest at 5 months and was using gdiapers and the prefolds my MIL used on her boys, I love them!! Thought that was what Iwanted bought a full stash of infant prefolds and old style gdiaper covers (the ones with the fabric waist bands). Then discovered the BG love and wanted to buy a new stash but the wasn't going to happen so I used gdiaper covers and prefolds at the start, old style smalls fit under the stump. In a couple weeks he fit into new style smalls and I used inserts that I made and I have to say I loved them. DS2 made it until 10 weeks without a sposie.
This baby needs nothing but I want a few small bgs (4 otw) and xs bgs (I have 3) just because. (oh and wool, I must have more wool!)

kymdenise 02-07-2012 02:50 PM

I LOVED mother ease sandies for my newbie. They are soft, absorbent, a great fit around tiny newborn thighs, and smoosh up nice under wool.

abhernandez 02-07-2012 04:08 PM

Re: Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!
What about fitteds that are 100% cotton and don't have bamboo? I have a super complicated wash situation... we have a tiny one machine washer/dryer so I have to hang dry for the most part. The good news is... average temperature is 9500 degrees... and stuff dries quick. I'm thinking learning to sew and converting prefolds? Or not learning to sew and buying some? I have 3 weeks to decide. My personal fluff (and iphone an kraft mac and cheese ) smuggler... aka my bestie... is coming in 3 weeks from the US and I won't have another visitor until the baby is 2 months old. SO quick... tell me what to do...

(Cds exist here but are basically what our mamas used in the 80s... with the plastic pant things and I'm not into plastic pants... I want wool)

kymdenise 02-07-2012 04:52 PM

If you have to hang dry go fitteds or prefittteds for sure. Avoid all in ones. The sandies do come in cotton or bamboo. Google them.

zacifer 02-07-2012 06:33 PM

Re: Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!
Alice, I COULD dry my dipes if I wanted to, but I NEVER have b/c I just don't trust that high heat. I just think it would destroy the dipes or at lease make their life shorter. So I strictly hang dry and actually love it. If I lived there, I'd teach myself how to sew. I do know how to sew and was thinking I may buy ONE NB diaper and kinda use it as a reference point to try to make my pattern off of it, if that makes sense. I bought a couple of pro wraps just b/c I had credit to burn at my consignment shop (they're new though). Someone was saying you can just put the babe in a diaper with no closures on it if you're going to put a pro wrap on top. Is that true? B/c not having to add snaps, velcro, or worry about sticking to snappiable outter fabric will make sewing nb dipes easier.

Deanie 02-07-2012 09:33 PM

Re: Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!
Alice, I thought I would love wool. I wanted to love wool. I knitted my dd some adorable longies that I really loved.

And then I found out that I hate wool.

So, I'm just saying from my experience that no matter what you try, be open to changing your mind, especially if you, like me, can't afford to spend a bunch of money on a stash only to need/want to buy another.

Sorry to be preachy. :hugs:

Unfortunately, I already have a newborn stash and have NO excuse to buy any more. :giggle2: It will be nice getting them out of storage though. It will be like seeing old friends.

abhernandez 02-08-2012 04:55 AM

I plan on having a pretty good mix Deanie :). I just lean towards wool. I like the idea of how it breathes and its adorable. But I will have pul covers too. All cding kinda scares me. I bet the first few weeks will be humorously disastrous regardless of what direction I go in. Hahahah

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