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solarbabies 08-07-2011 08:56 AM

When is it not just 'teething'?
DD is 14 months old. She only has her 2 bottom teeth. Her top gums are super bumpy and sore looking. I mean, the teeth are right there! They have been like that for about 5-6 weeks now (that I know of) and she has has a low grade fever for the past 3 weeks. It got higher for a a few days about 2 weeks ago. It was right around 101.2-102.3 for about 3 days, Tylonal wouldn't help and we didn't have motrin at the time.

Since then it has been low....right at or below 100. But it is constant! She has a fever 24 hours a day, even with tylonal or motrin. I hate giving her meds of any kind so we try not to use anything too often. But these past 2 weeks have been hard! She is extra fussy, having a hard time napping, ect. She is acting like she plain out doesn't feel good. She is eating well enough and drinking plenty. She still plays hard. It's just this fever.

When would you worry? Or would you? Could it really be teeth doing this to her for this long? If so, is it going to be like this with all her teeth? With her first 2 she had a low fever for a day or so before they pushed through. Makes me wonder is she is cutting a ton of teeth at once!

Just2fornow 08-07-2011 10:58 AM

Re: When is it not just 'teething'?
:hugs: Poor baby! I think that as long as she is still eating, drinking and playing then she is probably fine. I bet if she is that old and only has 2 teeth she may be getting ready to cut several at once. But if you are worried, I would call your pedi and talk to the nurse. Hope she feels better soon!

ktmelody 08-07-2011 11:10 AM

My kids have never had fevers while teething and I dont think that myth is true. Plus even if it was that seems a little too high and too long for a fever.

I would go to the doc asap. That doenst sound normal to have a fever for that long.

Edit:dr sears says that a fever while teething is always under 101...if it is related. If it is higher it is not related to teething.

wordbox 08-07-2011 01:10 PM

Re: When is it not just 'teething'?
I'd take her in. Could be an ear infection or something. Better to be safe and know for sure... seems like too high of a fever to have just been teething.

EmilytheStrange 08-07-2011 02:51 PM

Re: When is it not just 'teething'?
the problem with 'teething' is that it happens for 2 years. So, yeah, it's almost always atleast 50% 'teething'.

I'd take her in for a fever that was lasting that long. You don't want to miss something like an ear infection, etc. It could also be a combination of things happening at once.

sometimes the teeth take awhile. My DD's #8 tooth is taking forever. It's been sitting there looking like it might have cut through (gotta look really close to see that it hasn't) for weeks. A friend of mine has a 18month kiddo who has been cutting 4 teeth at once for as long as I've known her (since May) and they still haven't popped out. They've been having her suck on ice cubes in the 'baby safe feeders' for awhile to try and help with the pain.

MamandÉlise&Muriel 08-08-2011 11:15 AM

Re: When is it not just 'teething'?
Given her age and that she only has two teeth, she could be getting a whack of them all at once, which would probably make anyone fussy. I'd probably err on the side of caution though and take her in just in case and if it was nothing, then I'd stock my medicine cabinet with Tylenol and Motrin for her and dose her up. I'm not a meds person either but why should they suffer, especially when they don't understand. Is it worth trying to get her an amber necklace too?

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