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jen_batten 02-01-2013 11:04 AM

Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th
All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education. - Sir Walter Scott

Happy homeschooling!!

HeatherlovesCDs 02-01-2013 12:42 PM

Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th
Yay! A new thread! I love new threads. :laugh: And, I always love your sayings too. :D

Jen - Ugh! That stinks about having to go to the DMV. Congrats on the refi though! Interest rates are so good right now. We just refinanced a couple months ago. I hear you on time for doing their phonics separately. I'm looking at Samantha and Blake (and still doing Zack) and wondering if I will be able to have time to teach them all separately. Once I get my new manual, I'm planning to start K with them. If I need to, I'm going to alternate Blake and Samantha teaching only 1 each day. Ultimately, K will take longer, but that is part of why I'm starting before next fall. We will see how it goes.

Jen, have you all started Science with Water yet? We are supposed to be on the 3rd lesson tomorrow, but we haven't even started it. :hide: Zack wants to do it (or course, because what kid doesn't want to play with water :giggle2:), but I can't seem to get on board. I don't feel like making a water mess. *sigh*

Lyn - I'd like to be part of a group, but I'd like to be part of a homschool social club kind of thing. We'd love to have the interaction and make friends, but I'm really not interested in having classes with other kids. I don't feel my kids need anything extra and I don't want to teach or really do much else either. :blush: But, I really miss having friends for the kids and me to socialize with. I'm struggling to even meet any other HS'ing families in the area. Maybe I will join a co-op next year just to meet people and then drop out after we have friends. LOL.

AFU - I'm very excited about Zack asking to read. I am a little embarrassed to say we didn't get time for him to read the rest of the book to me yesterday. But, the first thing he wanted to do this morning was read to me!! We have a chore chart ticket system and he is doing it for a ticket and trying to earn a prize. But, I'm still really happy and impressed because even a week ago, he would have chosen not to get a ticket or to do anything else for tickets. So, I really think it is a sign that he is enjoying it more. Plus, he is enjoying the story too. I do feel like this is a break through. I'm really thrilled. :mrgreen:

So far today, we have done Bible and part of phonics and Zack has read to me. We still need to finish phonics and do math and possibly some science of some sort. :\

3boys_mom 02-01-2013 02:48 PM

Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th
Jen~that stinks about the license but at least you were able to get it straightened out.

Heather~yes when we started going (my now 5yo was barely a year old) we were really only there for the social interaction (mine and the kids). I didn't really care for the classes. But in hindsight I realize I am missing the PE class. But still mostly the socialization. Hopefully you will be able to meet some other homeschool families soon.

I am glad it is nearly the weekend. I need a day to collect myself and get back on the wagon. This week has been pretty rough. I keep telling myself to stay strong and not slip back in to our old routines. Monday will be better. We just take things one day at a time around here.

kannondicarpo 02-01-2013 03:40 PM

Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th
I need to jump in here. I'm busy, busy, busy today with no time to go back and do personals.

Friday is the start of our Sabbath (we're not Jewish but we still celebrate) and we are hosting tonight. I have 2 crockpots of Jambalaya going but I still need to test Nikolas (always on Fridays), fold 4 loads of laundry and vacuum. Oh and feed Zakary about a dozen times in the next 6 hours because he's having a MAJOR growth spurt.

I'm subbing so I can join you ladies in endless banter!!!

acwakip 02-01-2013 03:46 PM

Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th
Jumping in, I haven't joined any of the previous threads. They seem to move so fast and I can't seem to keep up.

We are finishing off a pretty rough week. I work tomorrow so next week will be a 4 day week starting on Tuesday. I already have plans made for next week so I am good to go in that department.

I am having a really rough time with my 11 year old daughter. She is a good learner and very smart, but she is so lazy. DH suggested that I make her get dressed daily so she can make the mental transition from home to "school." That seemed to work well today. I didn't make her change into good clothes, but she did have to change out of her pajamas.

I feel like I am fighting the lazy bug myself. It seems like I will have a great, motivated week, only to start the next week feeling lazy. I wish I could find the middle ground. I have been so tired lately. My 2 year old loves to cuddle in the morning when he gets up (around 8:30-9) and I end up dozing off. I usually get up for the day at 6. I wish I could break him of that habit but I just love our quiet cuddle time.

I guess I should intro myself.

I am homeschooling William (13) 8th grade and Abigail (11) 6th grade.

a_marines_wife03 02-01-2013 03:58 PM

Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th
Lets see so far so good on the class work we did quite a bit today and I realized that dd1 is basically done with kindergarten math. Its just too easy for her she did 18 subtrastion problems today in under ten min. Its time to move on to some harder stuff. She is also doing better with her reading definatly starting to hit first grade stuff. Dd2is three and some days are great others are a challenge. She hates writing her letters and numbers. Hopefully she will get more in to it soon. For fun We counted water beads to 100. And made baked spigitti for dinner and shampooed the coutch.we are also looking at adding some fish to our "class room tank" ok a class room pet was my excuse for getting a tank lol

tallanvor 02-01-2013 04:21 PM

Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th
Amy, I have a 12 year old that loves the idea of no more schoolwork. In our house, everyone gets dressed in the morning, we eat breakfast, and schoolwork gets completed before the fun stuff. We have limited electronics time and work has to be complete before they get on the computer, iPad, Wii, whatever. Sometimes my 12 yr old has her iPod for music, but I have to watch her. She's finally at that point where half the time I can trust her to just use it for music and half the time I have to take it away until work is finished. It also helps her that I don't dictate the order of her work.

AFM, kids are just finishing up because we slept in this morning, served at church for Friday lunch, and went to the store. ODD is going to a youth thing in a few minutes that last until tomorrow afternoon. DH and I are taking the younger two to the cowboy museum tomorrow morning for a special kids thing that should be good. We get to wander the museum for free afterward, too, which is cool.

Art mama 02-01-2013 04:27 PM

Can I join you ladies? I'm Jennifer and started homeschooling my 6 yo dd this past fall. And I have an 8 1/2 month old baby girl.

croark 02-01-2013 08:06 PM

Welcome to the newbies. I think I saw two of them?

Today was not a school day for us (TGIF). The two younger dd's had well child appts. I've got to get my 6yo in speech therapy soon and needed docs recommendation.
Oldest DD is spending the night with her new friend for the first time. She was so excited. I'm so glad she's got a HS buddy now!

I just finished a lil Zumba (made it through the whole DVD first time, go me!) while a low(ish) fat coconut custard pie cooked in oven. Now I'm about to go eat it! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Texasmom 02-02-2013 02:44 PM

Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th
I hope you guys dont mind me joining in I just started homeschooling my four kids last month really didnt like our school district. I am glad I did my kids seem a lot happier.

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