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tillers72 04-15-2007 08:51 AM

plug question...UPDATE on the visit today
I want to start this by saying that I'm not, this is my 3rd baby, but there are some things I just can't keep straight:lostit: I lost my mucus plug early this morning and I'm wondering about how far dialated you have to be to loose it...and if this means the end is near? I was induced with both the boys, so I have not been able to go through all of this stuff leading up to labor naturally. I was having a lot of sharp pains yesterday right through the center of me down there, so I'm guessing that had something to do with this:headscratch: I'm so excited to have the little guy here to use all this stuff we have and I just feel like I don't want to get excited that the end is near if it really isn't...kwim?

hackermd 04-15-2007 09:05 AM

Re: plug question...
:hugs: I know this is probably not the best news to hear, but you can lose you mucous plug days or weeks before labor begins.

With dd#1 I lost mine and contractions started up that evening and increased to 5 minutes apart within 4 hours... and 26 hours later after having contractions 5 minutes apart, we were admitted to the hospital... 4 hours after that she came. With dd#2, I lost my mucus plug three weeks before, had contractions over a week between every 5 minutes and 2 minutes toward the end and needed assistance in moving things along to deliver her... as far as my contractions having been so close in both pregnancies for so long, I've had two midwives and a nurse have the nerve to tell me I'm just one of those "women who needs to warm up" to deliver. I did push like a pro though, cause I had enough of that type of pain! lol

sending you :goodvibes:

tillers72 04-15-2007 10:04 AM

Re: plug question...
Thanks! I am just so anxious for him to come!!! I have an appt to do a NST and AFI at the hospital, so we will see how he's doing...and if nothing else they will induce me on thursday since I'll be at 42 weeks then...I just really want to do this on my own so I'm hoping it will happen before that!

marymom 04-15-2007 10:50 AM

Re: plug question...
i didn't lose my plug until i was in labor. good luck and lots of ~*~*~*~*~labor dust~*~*~*~*~ to you!!! :goodvibes:

dirtdartwife 04-15-2007 10:57 AM

Re: plug question...
wow.. good luck mama!

I lost my mucus plug with my first and third about 24 hours before being in active labor. (My second was induced) So yeah, each one is different. Hopefully, and maybe with the help of some squats and long walks, you can get contractions going soon! :goodvibes:

serena22304 04-15-2007 11:31 AM

Re: plug question...
Did you have any blood in with your plug? If so then the end is near.
If it was clear, then there is really no telling, at least in my case that is how it was
I never had a bloody show with my first 2, so when I did this last time i was freaking out a little lol


tillers72 04-15-2007 11:43 AM

Re: plug question...
no blood with it...and we are headed out to do some shopping and stuff, so i'll be walking until i go in to get the NST and AFI done...maybe I'll be far enough along and having contractions to where we'll just have him!

mommyto5girls 04-15-2007 11:50 AM

Re: plug question...
I have found that many who think they have lost it just are losing it in "chunks". The other thing that you should know is that a plug can re-generate and create more plug.

Now...with that being said...I think that if you have a bloody show with the loss of your plug then that is something to really consider as a sure sign that you are progressing.

We are both in the same boat. I am due on 5/4/07 as well and have been losing chunks of plug for a few days now. I also know that I am 2 cm. dilated as of Friday and have been having some painful contractions off and on for the past two days.

I wish you luck and labor dust! Hopefully you will get to see your man sooner than later! And walking always helps! No matter what it is good excersize!

BUT actually I just noticed that you ARE OVERDUE! I would say any changes are good!

chameleon607 04-15-2007 05:08 PM

Re: plug question...
I lost my plug on a Thursday evening and was only 1 cm dilated- I stayed that way for 2-3 days with light contractions and then the HARD labor started.

tillers72 04-15-2007 08:41 PM

Re: plug question...
Here's the update...I went in to have the NST and AFI done and things look great...I have effaced to 50% and dialated to the progress is slow, but at least it's progress!!! :lostit:

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