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cdeweese 12-12-2012 03:28 PM

Re: Time out for a 19 month old?
I grab DS's hands/feet and say firmly, "Ouch! There is no hitting/kicking Mommy!" I don't make a funny voice or face (then they laugh at you). I look very serious and lower my voice while holding his hands or feet still. And yes, a one year old can hurt you (especially if they have shoes on). I agree that time out is not the proper discipline for this situation since he wants you to stop. My my DS doesn't like his hands or feet to be held still, so this has worked wonders for us. However, we use time out very effectively and DS is 21 months. He usually sits until he is calm (less than a minute) and then we exchange hugs/I love you's. After that its done. They won't remember and the more you talk the less effective you'll be.

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