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haddockhouse 03-02-2011 08:20 PM

episiotomy vs tearing... which is "better"?
During delivery with my last baby my OB did an episiotomy without even asking me. I don't like that it wasn't something we even talked about & am thinking of asking her to not do it this time.
I've just been hearing mixed things about it, and want to know everyone's opinions or experiences with both?

Mama_scoutski 03-02-2011 08:26 PM

Re: episiotomy vs tearing... which is "better"?
I had an epi first birth too, without asking! Even though my birthplan was so strict, he still thought he ruled the roost... Well my second was at home so of course none... but it split back open.
Two weeks thereafter were miserable, but I opted for no sutures and It healed back together great. That will most likely happen to you too. That is the down side of them, I always hear of them splitting again. If I were to be in the hos next birth, I would not have any episitomy, just because it seems a little pointless.
ETA: I really shouldn't say that will most likely happen to you... i have no idea, i don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that!.... I just haven;t heard them staying together second time around... I suggest perineal massage, listening to your bpdy telling you to push, NOT holding your breath when pushing and not pushing while being coached... and maybe birthing in water, I have heard that the stats of tearing in water are less.
Goodluck hun!

burnsis 03-02-2011 08:26 PM

Re: episiotomy vs tearing... which is "better"?
I requested NOT to have an episiotomy in my birth plan, but given that my doc did not really understand was as if I didn't write anything at all.

I had pain at that site for many months afterward, and could not enjoy sex at all for about a year. I went to another ob/gyn and he told me that it was scar tissue getting in the way, and his only solution was to cut me again. I said no thanks, figuring that would just cause more of the same. I gave it time, and it finally healed....b/c we now have DS2. :giggle:

With him, I didn't write a plan, just yelled out what I really wanted done/not done as it came time...and tore naturally with him. It was much better. I healed up just fine, and have had no issues at all.

kannondicarpo 03-02-2011 08:28 PM

Re: episiotomy vs tearing... which is "better"?
I've torn all three times and healed nicely. I'd opt for tearing over an episiotomy every time.

*MamaStacy* 03-02-2011 08:29 PM

Re: episiotomy vs tearing... which is "better"?
I had an episiotomy with #1 and #3 and requested that he let me tear with #4 and he did. I healed SO much quicker, the pain wasn't near as excruciating.

emconigs 03-02-2011 08:34 PM

Re: episiotomy vs tearing... which is "better"?
I had and episiotomy with #1. My Dr told me that he only does them if he feels it is necessary and the tearing would be worse. I am now expecting #2 and have a different doctor. He said he never will do an episiotomy but since I had one in the past I will most likely to tear right along the scar. I know it can be a hot topic of debate, but I will say that I pushed for over two hours and as soon as he made the cut it was just one more quick push and DD was born. I guess I would rather have just one cut that needs to heal than 3 or 4 tears. I just trusted that my doctor had way more experience with this than I did so I went with what he felt was best.
If I had to do it over again, I think I might have asked not to do the episiotomy because it did take a long time to heal and was the worst part of recovery. But I also don't have anything to compare it to. So who knows?!

Fishie Kisses 03-02-2011 08:39 PM

Re: episiotomy vs tearing... which is "better"?
I tore with DS1 and it healed tearing at all with DS2. I would opt to tear over episiotomy any day

jenndoxx 03-02-2011 08:41 PM

Re: episiotomy vs tearing... which is "better"?
I had an episiotomy and a tear. The whole area hurt for a short while, like maybe 3-4 weeks tops, but during that time I was completely engrossed in having a newborn and getting the hang of breastfeeding and just general fatigue that I really don't have a real clear memory of that pain, and to be honest I don't remember it being all that bad. I really don't know if the pain I felt was directly related to the episiotomy, the tear, or just from the general trauma of childbirth. All I know is it was short-lived and I hope my next birth goes as well, tear or episiotomy or whatever.

greek4 03-02-2011 08:44 PM

Re: episiotomy vs tearing... which is "better"?
I have had both and both hurt and itched afterwards. With DS1 I tore bad, got stitched up. Once I was pregnant with DS2 and things swelled up down there it tore right back. When DS2 was born, I had an episiotomy and got stitched up. I have yet to tear at that sight and there is no pain.

iluvmyortiz1122 03-02-2011 08:49 PM

Re: episiotomy vs tearing... which is "better"?
I've heard mixed as well. I had an epi. It's not so much that it hurt afterward, it was tender and I was more scared of it than anything; scared of ripping it open or something, I guess.

A friend of mine wished she had an epi as she had 3/4 degree tearing. She almost ripped her urethra it was so bad. That is something I would be afraid of, ripping uncontrollably and it affecting something else down there.

I've also had kidney surgery before so anything related to my vagina I take great caution in. Everything just makes me second guess what I would really do.

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