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joycemama_6 06-23-2007 08:33 AM

What do you do when....
You purchase great diapers for your brother and sister in law's child...and they don't even use them?!!! My sister in law has been fascinated with me cloth diapering. Her dd is exactly a year older than my dd, who is seven months old. Soooo, when they had the big sale on the Haute Pockets Seconds, I ordered some for me and a bunch for her and had them shipped to her directly from Montana's Diaper Store.

This was several months ago.

I talk to her a couple times a week since she lives in Oregon now, and subtly bring cloth diapers into the conversation and ask her if she's tried the diapers yet. She keeps telling me that she wants to try them, but she hasn't gotten the microfiber towels that I suggested she get from the auto section at Walmart.( The HP seconds didn't come with inserts )

How hard is it to walk over to that aisle while you are in Walmart and pick up a package!?

I could really use those diapers, but I wanted to get her a good stash started with them, and now she isn't even using them! Would you ask for them back if she isn't going to use them? Would you offer to buy them from her at the seconds price? Would you trade her HPs for some of your diapers that are too big for your dd that she won't need to use inserts with? Or would you leave it alone and forget the fact that there's all of those cute HP seconds sitting in an apartment in Oregon not being used?

Sorry for the long post.

Wanted to add that I dearly love my brother and sister in law. This is the only gripe I have with them.

mommytotommy 06-23-2007 08:41 AM

Re: What do you do when....
Very frusterating. I went through with a cousin I am close with. I eventually just asked if she really was planning on using them. She admitted that she wasn't. I asked if she had any plans for them and she didn't, she was more than happy to let my baby use them.

mich1218 06-23-2007 08:42 AM

Re: What do you do when....
You bought them for her, did I read that correctly? If you bought them for her, I can't imagine offering to buy them from her. If you have a good relationship with her, I'd be honest. I would just say that you could really use them right now, and if she's not ready to start CDing, that you could take them off her hands. Leave the door open so that if she wants to start, you'll give them back. Or, leave one with her so that she can try it if she changes her mind. Either that, or offer to send a couple mf towels if you have them. If she isn't interested after that, she probably isn't going to use them.

I have a couple of new mf towels-if you want them ffs, let me know. Maybe that can jumpstart her using the CDs!

OneDaySoon 06-23-2007 11:05 AM

Re: What do you do when....
I wouldnt offer to buy them from her as you bought them in the first place...I would have to be honist with her and say that CD's really arnt cheap and if she isent going to use them then you sure could and im sure as you paid for them she would understand! :)

crunchymomof3 06-23-2007 11:12 AM

Re: What do you do when....
i agree with all the PP i would ask her if she was going to use them cause if not i could really use them ..especially since you bought them for her :goodvibes:

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