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ButtRpies 12-01-2012 10:15 PM


Mostly boy but a couple GN. All fall/winter woolie goodness here. Longies, rompers, sbish (knit & interlock), crankypants!

All have been stored since last fall/winter in cedar chest. I wash all my woolies in Euclan Eucalyptus. All in EUC unless noted.

Ship to US only; cheapest shipping. I ship within 48 hours of payment. Paypal only; no echecks. Payment expected within 4 hours of receiving pp addy or I'll offer to next Mama in line.

Please make this as painless as possible since I was saving these for baby #4 but my hubby has "sort of" talked me into "3 is enough".

From a smoke free, Boston Terrier loving home; the dogs don't wear the wool but play with the humans that wear the wool. All items measured at rest; not including gussets.

Here's the link to see them full size and up close.


Twisty longies (grey with some pinkish color) $30ppd $25ppd $20ppd$15ppd
*felted in wet zone and bum; yarn end out near crotch, yarn loop out near bottom cuff trim
W=18", H=20", R=15", I=9"
Thanks for looking!!!

ButtRpies 12-01-2012 10:16 PM

Re: Cullen's great winter destash! PIC HEAVY!!!
------------ALL IN THIS POST HAVE BEEN SOLD!!!!---------------
Rainbow Moster longies $40ppd
W=16", H=16", R=17", I=7.5"

Crayon Box longies $30ppd
*has elastic waist
W=16", H=19", R=16", I=8"
Sock Monkey longies & matching 12 mo. onesie $35ppd
*2 spots on leg cuffs-see pics
W=18", H=20", R=16", I=7.5"
Cyclops Crankypants $40ppd
W=18", H=20", R=15", I=7.5"
1985 Sbish knit M/L $45ppd
W=14", H=20", R=15", I=9.5"
*slight felt
Olive Sbish knit M/L $45ppd
W=14", H=19", R=16", I=9.5"
*thicker knit
Jolly Roger longies w/ matching soft soled shoes $45ppd
shoes fit 9-12 mo
W=14", H=16", R=16", I=9"
Primary colors longies $20ppd
*pills easily
W=18", H=20", R=14", I=9"
CC Baby Upcycled longies $15ppd
W=14", H=16", R=18", I=11"
Original Crankypants longies w/ matching tee & onesie (12mo) $45ppd
*lt. staining on tee near chest/arm pit
W=17", H=20", R=15", I=7"
NWT Tango Sbish knit M/L $60ppd
W=14", H=20", R=18", I=11"
NWT Tango Sbish knit L $60ppd
W=15", H=23", R=16", I=12.5"
Orange Sbish knit M $45ppd $40ppd
W=14", H=20", R=17", I=10"
Brown Llamajama Romper MEDIUM (18mo) $40ppd $35ppd $30ppd
*thick wool
Natural Llamajama Romper MEDIUM (18mo) $35ppd $30ppd $25ppd
*thick wool; stain near neck-see pic
Scrappy longies $40ppd $35ppd $30ppd **PENDING TRADE****
*slight felt to these and heavily lanolized; stray dog hairs intwined in the knitting
W=14", H=18", R=15", I=7.5"
Blue/Green Romper $30ppd $25ppd $20ppd ***PENDING TRADE***
*Super soft and squishy!
pit to sleeve=4.5", neck opening=5" across, chest (around)=19", neck to crotch=11.5" (not including gusset), pit to leg cuff=15", I=5.5"
Air Sbish Interlock M/L $60ppd $55ppd ***PENDING TRADE***
*some ground in dirt throughout a couple lanolin stains; do not buy this if you're an sbish "snob" and trying to find perfect. We wear our wool here. The year tag is gone on these (from previous owner) so not sure on the year.
W=16", H=20", 16", I=9"

ButtRpies 12-02-2012 09:35 AM

Re: Cullen's great winter destash! PIC HEAVY!!!
Morning bump!

Amandamama 12-02-2012 09:38 AM

Re: Cullen's great winter destash! PIC HEAVY!!!
Wow, these are all adorable! Can you help me figure out how to measure for my kiddo as we're new to Longies? I'll PM you:)

ButtRpies 12-02-2012 09:43 AM

Re: Cullen's great winter destash! PIC HEAVY!!!
Measure their waist (W) around; hips (H) around; rise (R) from the front of their dipe down to the crotch and to the top of the back of the dipe; inseam (I) from their crotch down to where you want the bottom hem/cuff of the longies to land.
Hope this helps!

ButtRpies 12-02-2012 06:54 PM

Re: Cullen's great winter destash! PIC HEAVY!!!
Evening bump

snoggle 12-02-2012 07:27 PM

Love the romper. These would be NB size, right?

ButtRpies 12-02-2012 11:52 PM

Re: Cullen's great winter destash! PIC HEAVY!!!
The Blue/Green romper would be smaller than the other 2 (the Llamajama fit 18mo and run a little large IMO). It depends on the size of your baby. My guy wore almost ALL of this wool from 3mo-1yr BUT he was a chunkie monkey and SUPER long (he's only 15mo now and wears 2T sizes due to his height). So, definately go by the measurements on these. Thanks for looking!

kgperrone 12-03-2012 06:15 AM

Re: Cullen's great winter destash! PIC HEAVY!!!
How much for all of the knit longies left?

kgperrone 12-03-2012 06:16 AM

Re: Cullen's great winter destash! PIC HEAVY!!!
Sorry, I meant how much for all the knit longies except the sbish? The top six pictures.

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