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revolekim 03-18-2013 03:22 PM

Re: The Tale of a CD addict
I think my mom first planted the idea of cloth diapering in my head. She would tell me how the only kind of laundry she ever liked to do was washing diapers, and how she loved to see clean diapers hanging on a clothesline. Then when I was in grad school, I worked in a nursery taking care of infants for two years. I changed sooooo many diapers, and sooooo many outfits when disposable diapers leaked all over the babies' clothes. I started saying maybe cloth diapers wouldn't be so bad since you would already be washing poop out of clothes anyway. DH said no way.
Then we got pregnant. I brought up cloth again half-heartedly, but he shot the idea down again. When DS1 was six months old, my friend took me to a meeting about cloth diapers, and I was interested but overwhelmed. Again DH said no. Then I decided to go ahead and buy DS a cloth swim diaper. For some reason, I was just hooked after that swim diaper. I told DH that I really wanted to try cloth, and I promised he would never have to change a cloth diaper. Thanks to an awesome DS mama, I was able to get a complete stash for about $50. And we've never looked back.
Once DH realized how much money we were saving, he became supportive. And once he had to deal with a few explosive poops in sposies, he asked me to please put the babies in cloth when I left them with him. :)

Terra76 03-18-2013 06:30 PM

Re: The Tale of a CD addict
Love reading all the responses!

a.merical 03-18-2013 06:49 PM

My SIL cloth diapered my nephew while I was in HS (10 years ago). So when I got pregnant with DS1 a few years later, I already knew I was going to use cloth too. With him, I tried the prefolds and covers route like she did but gave up and went to pockets within a month! Now, its 7 years later, we are on baby #3 and still going strong!

P!nkPepper 03-18-2013 06:56 PM

I joined a yahoo group called "Making It Home" that a few local mamas were members of. There was also a small magazine that went with it. It was Christian based with lots of homemaking stuff too. My interest was caught by an article for cloth maxi pads. I had never heard of PUL, HC, etsy... I sure knew of Ebay so I found a seller selling them. They made your flow less & you didn't itch or burn like disposible pads. I bought a package. They were ok BUT not good for night. So my mom helped me make a HUGE long pad using heavy duty vinyl table cloth as the PUL, some cheap purple flannel & a handmade pattern modified from that magazine. Back in '06 nobody at Joannes knew what PUL was. We didn't either. So we used what we could get (I still have that pad too & it rocks).

I got pregnant with DS2 in '07 & I was NOT going to use cloth. I tried cloth trainers with plastic pants from the PX back in '02 with Ds1. Not dealing with all that grossness. Too much work (even though my cloth pads were easy peasy, they didn't involve POOP!) My husband deployed when DS2 was 5 weeks, I was recovering from a c/s, serious hemorraghe & blood transfusion plus a Diabetic 6 year old in the PICU/having other medical issues. I couldn't hack BFing with all that above stress, how am I gonna use cloth?

Enter serious diaper rash, sposies causing awful redness & a tiny baby in pain. Time to look into cloth diapers a bit more... wow they are expensive! Thank you President Bush for a stimulus check that I promptly spend on cloth diapers. An addict was born... :giggle:

Oh, when DS3 was born in Nov '11 my addiction came back :giggle2: still in full force!

Jodie ~ mama to Big K, Medium K & Lil' k

QuartzandPyrite 03-18-2013 07:28 PM

Best. Thread. Ever.

Cpaul 03-18-2013 07:57 PM

Re: The Tale of a CD addict
Mine started by a neighbor mentoning she cloth diapered her daughter as a baby. i just had my son and literally said you are crazy!!! Then one day by chance I liked thus breast feeding FB page and the post was about clothing diaper and why moms did it. All these moms were writing all the benefits of CD. Then I decided to research it a bit and the rest is history!!! I am a total addict and only think and read about CD. My ds is my third and now I can not believe I didn't CD with my other two. I actually feel really bad about it. :) love CD!!!!

ebandive 03-19-2013 06:50 AM

Re: The Tale of a CD addict
I love reading everyone's stories! I'll use pictures to help tell mine, since as a true addict I have an album dedicated to cloth diapers and cloth diapers and action shots for easy reference...:lostit:

When I was pregnant with DS1 I was asking some friends at church who had young children what brand of sposies they liked best. Did I have to buy the name brand ones? Did generic work just as well? How to choose? Then another friend (AmJoyful on here) walked up, with her 6th child in her arms, and said quite matter of factly that she used to use sposies but switched to cloth once she realized how much money she could save.

I rolled my eyes. Ewww.... cloth diapers. Gross. I then looked at her clothes. And said "So you mean you put POOP in your washing machine? The SAME machine you wash your clothes in?" She laughed and said yes, and she assured me both her an her clothes are clean. Sure she looked clean, and I didn't notice an unpleasant odor surrounding her, so I thought maybe she could be telling the truth, but still - gross. No way would I be putting poop and pee in MY washing machine.

But her words kept ringing in my ears. And since she also told me about couponing I thought that at least I could google and find out more about what cloth diapers are like.

I found cottonbabies, and decided I'd try flips. I ordered a few covers and some prefolds.

Then Trip was born. I had a big stash of newborn sposies that were given to me, so once we were out, at about 3 weeks old, I started putting him in cloth. It was so cute and way easier than I thought.

I'd been eying the Chelsea Perry BG 4.0's but they were just so expensive I couldn't justify it. :giggle2: Then they went on sale. And boy was I hooked.

Then there was a local cloth diaper swap. I found Kawaii and Sunbaby. Oh the bamboo minky was so soft and the prints were so cute. The addiction started.

First stash shot:

I thought at the time that I'd never have to buy any more. But I was hooked.

I ventured into fitteds/wahm's. TROUBLE!

But I preferred WAHM AIO's.

Of course I had to try every AIO diaper on the market.

My new stash looked like this:

Trip started having rash issues, so that only worsened the addiction. I had to find a diaper that would work for his sensitive skin. I got sucked into Ragababe and Chelory.

He is even on the Ragababe website if you look... that was a proud mommy moment for sure.

Plus a full stash of BGE's. Oh the resale value those things would have had now. :giggle2:

Eventually my addiction overtook me and I sold almost everything in order to recover.

Finally, with the birth of Kai...
I have been able to come back to why I originally wanted to CD (to save money). And I have FINALLY found stash contentment in a simple stash of flats and covers.

That's the tale of my addiction! :giggle2:

badmisterkitty 03-19-2013 09:21 AM

Re: The Tale of a CD addict
it started with a rash that wouldn't go away.

that is all. lol

mmmarmalade 03-19-2013 12:53 PM

Re: The Tale of a CD addict
Mine started with my sister. She decided to cd her two youngest, who overlapped in diapering for a long time. She saw this skirty when she was pregnant with her little girl and told me she HAD to have one!!!! At the time I didn't really knit. I'd made a couple of scarves, and that was it. And of course there was no pattern. So I was left to my own devices and this is what I came up with:

My sister decided it was the cutest thing ever and that it needed to be shared with the world, so she posted it in an etsy shop for me, and I've been getting custom orders ever since. My designs have come a long way since then.

Once I started knitting soakers, I felt it would be very disingenuous of me to use sposies when I was earning money for my family through the CD community. I'd wanted to with my first, but just wasn't brave enough or motivated enough to dive in. With my last, he's been in cloth since we ran out of sposies that were gifted to us during my pregnancy, about 2 months. I do have a few pairs of longies, but most of my stash is flips and prefolds. I LOVE them! I would probably use wool a lot more if I was any good at pinning prefolds and if I had time to knit for my own baby! Fortunately, my sisters have graciously let me use the cute stuff I made for their babies :)

bobbs7 03-19-2013 01:15 PM

Re: The Tale of a CD addict
My firstborn was in sposies, cause...well...that's what people used right? I liked Pampers best. They are also the most expensive. Geez, this kid goes through alot of diapers! Gah!
I got pregnant with #2 and did alot of reading on the Bump. I was amazed at how many people cloth diapered. "geez, I thought people didn't cloth diaper much anymore? It seems like alot of people cloth diaper." I started reading the CD board on the Bump. DS was mentioned. I found my way here, and started reading a bit on this board. "I'm pretty sure these people are speaking Greek", I thought. "Wow, they are really into cloth diapers! They honestly sound obsessed! What the heck?? What is wrong with these people??" Needless to say I was still intrigued. "No", I thought. "I hate doing laundry as it is! I will NEVER have time for this!" DH was interested. "Let's do it if you want", he said. God, I love that man! Time went on and I kinda forgot about it for a while. I talked about stocking up on disposables. "I thought we were going to do the cloth diapers?" he said. "Ok", I thought. "He must really be on board with this!"
Money was tight. The savings of cloth was what continued to draw me in. That and the never-ceasing strange obsession people kept referring to. "I'm already a research nut when it comes to baby gear, carseat safety, childbirth, breastfeeding, and making homemade baby food! What's one more thing?!" I thought :lostit:
I started researching. Google and reading the DS forums was where it was at. "Flats? You mean, what our grandmothers used?? Looks like to much work!! Prefolds?? Wool?? Isn't that itchy? Ah, all-in-ones!! The more it resembles a disposable, the better!!"
The more I read the more it seemed like people suggested to try a variety to see what you liked. I ordered 4 Flip day packs (6 covers and 12 stay-dry inserts), 6 BGE's, a dozen Imagine Smartfit prefolds, a 3 pack of Snappi's, a wetbag, some Bac-Out, and some Nellie's laundry soap. "I'll use sposies for the first few months as to not overwhelm myself", I thought.
I ended up putting him in his first CD on his 1 month birthday. "Wow, these fit great! Why didn't I try them before!?" The washing was as easy as pie. "Why do people think this is so much work?" I thought. "This is no big deal at all!"
The stalking of DS continued, and my knowledge of CD'ing grew. People raved about flats. I decided to try some since I was looking for inexpensive and trim. I soon discovered that the diapers that I liked the most, are the simplest ones out there. Yep, my grandmother's diapers! :giggle2:
I now understand the obsession. I don't have money to do anything about it, but that's ok, cause I'm pretty stash content. Except for those few random things that I would like to try. Someday :giggle:

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