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madebymommy 03-21-2013 06:28 PM

please delete

I have a lot of 5 fitteds - 3 goodmamas - pink and yellow VW's, and 2 Hello Kittys, 1 unknown fitted with applique of a pig on the butt (super cute!) and 1 zabi baby. These are GUC/VGUC - there are bleach spots, some stains, replaced snaps, replaced doublers. These diapers have been USED - please do not expect nearly new diapers for this price! Selling in a lot for $45ppd.

Goodmama's :

Unkown fitted and Zabi Baby:

I'm not wanting to split the lot at this time, unless you want the 3 GM's - I would sell those for $30ppd. Thanks!

I'm ISO:
at least a continuous 1 1/3 yard piece of cute cotton woven fabric - I like mod, bright, paisley etc. Bonus if you have 2 1/3 yards!!
sewing patterns for sundresses and nightgowns for little girls, size 2 - 8

madebymommy 03-22-2013 05:25 AM

I'm separating the lot, $28ppd each

madebymommy 03-22-2013 09:10 AM

Re: Poppy Fields, CHEAP lot of GMs/PP/misc fitteds
changed the listing, added a lot of cheap fitteds and new pictures!

madebymommy 03-23-2013 08:26 AM

Bump! Will trade for 2t girls summer clothing, 4t boys summer clothing, size S girls summer clothing, print cotton woven fabrics, all purpose thread, scents tarts and warmers, gift cards

madebymommy 03-23-2013 04:36 PM

Bump! I'm willing to split the lot in 2 and sell 5 diapers for $45ppd!

newcdmommy29 03-23-2013 05:20 PM

I have a cherry blossom scent at warmer and quite a few scents if you are interested in trading something. :)

anya80 03-24-2013 12:36 AM

Re: Poppy Fields, CHEAP lot of GMs/PP/misc fitteds
is the mushroom piddle poddle standard or toddler size? if standard how much for it?

madebymommy 03-24-2013 07:00 AM

It's toddler sized. I'm not looking to split the lot of diapers, since I'm selling them so cheaply and shipping is so expensive, sorry!

madebymommy 03-24-2013 01:51 PM


heavensskie 03-24-2013 07:49 PM

You will trade for girls 2t clothing?? If that is an option I have a ton!!!!

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