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HeatherlovesCDs 08-14-2011 09:01 PM

Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 14-21
This thread is for women that have children and are either dealing with secondary infertility or have had children after dealing with primary infertility and know that treatment is the only way they will have more children. We also have women that due to either prior losses, or infertility don't feel like they should join a due date board till after the first trimester (12 weeks).

Please note: When your information needs to be updated, please highlight the area that needs to be updated. This will make it easier for me to update you. :goodvibes:

If you'd like to be added please post your info. Please note I remove names if you are inactive for one month. This really helps keep the list more manageable.

Women TTC: :ttc: :noaf:

Screen name: jennybeth
Age: Me: 28, DH 30
Current Children and age: Twins- Samuel and David- 15 months
losses: none
Diagnosis: high FSH, PCOS, mild endometriosis, narrow left tube, lazy right ovary. DH motility on the slow side and his count is on the low side but within "normal" numbers
Cycles TTC another: not counting. We're doing a FET in Spring 2012 but still hoping to conceive naturally. We have 3 frozen babies waiting for us

Screen name: mamacassola
Age (SO): 36 (DH 37)
Current Children and age: DS1 3.5 yrs DS2 1 yr
losses: 7 first trimester losses, one of which was ectopic
Diagnosis: one fallopian tube, high estrogen, highish FSH, still investigating
Cycles TTC another:only 4 so far [/COLOR]

[B]Screen Name: Wordmama
Real Name: Lucy
Age (SO):34 (32)
Current Children and age: DS (4.5 yrs) and DD (1.5 yrs)
Lost children: 6 early miscarriages, Libi (8 week ectopic, March 2011)
Diagnosis: Damaged right tube for me, poor morphology for DH
Treatment and meds:Prayer
Next Appointment: None scheduled
Cycles TTC another: Over a year

Screen Name: sdavis514
Real Name: Sarah
Age: 31 (DH 31)
Current Children and age: one DS age 4
Lost Children and Dates: none
Diagnosis: We were NTNP for 4 years then I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2003 and was put on clomid from 9/04-1/05 with no results, took break and became pregnant with DS with no intervention in Aug 2006. Recent blood work suggested no insulin resistance.
Treatment and meds: Provera to bring on period, prenatal vitamins
Next Appointment: August 22 to discuss next step with OBGYN (hoping for Clomid)
Cycles TTC another: NTNP for 4 years, Actively TTC since Jan 11 ( but only have had 3 cycles in that time!)

Screen Name: Sunyflwr
Real Name: Kris
Age: 28 (DH 28)
Current children and ages: Lillian - 20 mo
Losses: none
Diagnosis: unicornuate uterus
Cycles TTC another: We have been "whatevering" for 14 cycles, and seriously TTC for 6 cycles.

Screen Name: finleyjudemommy
Real Name: Susan
Age (DH): 47 (ME) 36
Current Children and age: B/G twins 6 and YDD 4
Lost Children and dates: M/C March 04, M/C June 09, Chemical Feb 10 and stillborn October 10
Next appointment: July 21 for follie check. This will be our 2nd IUI using Femara
Cycles TTC another: Entirely too many to count

Screen Name: Dewberri
Real Name: Joy
Age (DH): 26 (26)
Current Children and age: DD 2 yrs
Lost Children and dates: Dec. 2010 (6 wks); June 2011 (11wks)
Next appointment: We're going to hold of on any chromosomal or genetic testing for now. But I'm planning to get my lab draws for all the other stuff on Sept 1...
Cycles TTC another: We have no issues conceiving... just carrying healthy pregnancies :(

Screen name: sillyutalktome
Age: Me: 29, DH 29
Current Children and age: M - 6/08 our dd
losses: Etopic 7/09 (8 weeks) Possible chemical 6/10
Diagnosis: Blocked left fallopian tube, right was removed with ectopic pregnancy in 7/09
Treatment: I am having surgery 8/22 to see if my fallopian tube can be repaired, if not they will remove it. Starting IVF next cycle.
Next appt:8/22 for surgery
Cycles TTC another: we have never prevented since dd was born

Screen Name: Meldo
Real Name: Melissa
Age: 29 (DH 59)
Current children and ages: Katharine-6 Alison-2
Losses: 1
Diagnosis: DH has low sperm count/motility. Both of our kids were IVF/ICSI babies.
Cycles TTC another: We just started our 2nd IVF cycle for child number 3. It's our 8th (and last) IVF cycle. It's our last vial of frozen sperm from a MESE performed for the cycle DD2 was conceived.

Screen Name: yellowitchgrl
Real Name: Sarah
Age (SO): 30
Current Children and age: Andrew (age 7) and Luke (age 3)
Lost Children and dates: Zach (15 weeks), Toby (12 weeks), Simon (15 weeks)
Diagnosis: None
Treatment and Meds:
Next appointment:
Cycles TTC another:

Screen Name: Skyericsson
Real Name: sky
Current Children and age: DD, age 7.5, DS 3.5
Lost Children and dates: two early angels 9/10 amd 12/10 my journeys of loss are on here (struggles and support)
Diagnosis: I MC naturally but my cylces and AF were horrible and off after so opted to have Hysteroscopy march 21, 2010 (doc removed two small polyps which can cause embryos to not attach properly otherwise all looked fine in my uterous and Doc did ultrasound on my ovaries and all was fine.)
Next appointment: None yet
Cycles: 8 months

Screen name:Ardenne
Real Name: Dina
Age: me 39, DH 42
Children and ages: Kailyn, 13, Connor, 8, and Brianna, 2.
Losses: chemical loss, May 2010. Faith Elise, 14 1/2 weeks, September 2010. Emily Hope, 12 1/2 weeks, January 2011. Early loss, 6 1/2 weeks, May 2011.
Diagnosis: Antiphospholipid Syndrome
Treatment:81 mg. aspirin all of the time, plus 200 mg progesterone, 40 mg. Lovenox, and calcium/magnesium supplements to prevent bone loss from the Lovenox starting with bfp
Next Appt: not scheduled -- waiting to conceive again
Cycles TTC another: We've been TTC a baby who survives for about 19 months now.

Screen Name:tazzae
Real Name: Tara
Age (SO): 34 (35)
Current Children and age: DD Rowan, 7 years old
Lost child: 4 losses since 2007; 10 weeks, 16 weeks, 5 weeks, 8 weeks.
Diagnosis: Recurrent miscarriage, heart-shaped uterus (septum)
Treatment and meds: hysteroscopy to remove septum
Next Appointment: May 25-Jun 5 (yet to be schedules post-op appt.)
Cycles TTC another: 4 years

Screen Name: liz*rn*bsn
Real Name: Elizabeth
Age (SO): 26 (28)
Current Children and age: JT - 3yrs, Ethan - 2 years
Lost child: Early m/cs: 10/10, 2/11, 4/11, 6/11, 7/11
Diagnosis: Recurrent Miscarriage, Factor 5 Leiden Disorder, Poly Cystic Ovaries
Treatment and meds: Lovenox and Progesterone daily during luteal phase, baby aspirin every day, Metformin Daily
Next Appointment: No appt scheduled
Cycles TTC another: Over a year

Screen Name: lalakiwi7
Real Name: Liesl (pronounced leesal)
Age (SO): 26 and hubby is also 26 Happily married for 6 years. Together for 11.
Current Children and age: Noah is our oldest but not our bio child and he is 5. We will hopefully finalize his adoption by the end of 2011. Frances is our first born and only bio baby and she is two.
Lost child: early loss 7/2011
Diagnosis: unexplained infertility.
Treatment and meds: Femera and hcg trigger shots. Red Raspberry leaf capsules. False Unicorn tincture
Next Appointment: Sept sometime.... have to start my cycle again.
Cycles TTC another: 21

Screen Name: Vegan Princess
Real Name: Cindy
Age (SO):32
Current Children and age: Child 1: 2.5 yrs
Lost Children and dates: Chemical pregnancy (11/10), miscarriage at 9.5 weeks (5/11)
Diagnosis: Diminished ovarian reserve for me. Moderate or severe male factor (depending on who you ask) for DH
Treatment and Meds: Taking 5mg of femara. Trying naturally for 1 more month and then starting IUI in August. Plan to take 5mg femara + trigger shot for first couple tries at IUI and then move on to injectibles if that isn't working well enough.
Next appointment: Will start IUI cycle in August.
Cycles TTC another: Had IUD removed 4/10 but really have been trying since 6/10.

Screen name: Fleece Be With You
Real Name: Jessica
Age: 24
Children and ages: Hunter, born 9-18-09
Losses: none
Diagnosis: still working on it, the theory right now is Celiac disease, Adrenal fatigue, and fructose malabsorption.
Treatment: Diet, but it's really complicated right now.
Next Appt: Seeing a dietician next week to try to figure out what I can actually eat.
Cycles TTC another: We haven't been preventing since Hunter was born.

Screen name: heatherlovesCD's
Real Name: Heather
Age: me - 33, hubby - 38
Children and ages: Zack 5, Twins Samantha and Blake 3, Twins Matthew and Joshua 13 months.
Losses: March '07
Diagnosis: severe male factor infertility, not treatable
Treatment: IVF/FET, all 5 of my kids are from one fresh cycle of IVF done in 1/05. My first son is a result of that transfer. My first frozen transfer ended in early m/c. My second gave me my first set of twins. The third FET gave me my second set of twins. I have 4 more embryos frozen which we will continue to transfer 2 at a time (assuming they all survive the thaw) over the next few years.
Next Appt: None scheduled. We have a tentative plan to do our next FET in late winter early spring '12. We will try on our own until then as I desperately dream for a "homemade" baby. We don't expect to get pregnant until the transfer.
Cycles TTC another: I don't keep track. We have been TTC since 11/10.

Screen Name: amyltc
Real Name: Amy
Age: 28 my Dh is 31
Current Children and age: DD1 Allie, age 5, Hannah age 3
Lost Children and dates: none
Diagnosis: Endometriosis, had surgery to remove on 9/14/10, tipped uterus, mostly unexplained infertility
Next appointment: U/S Day 11 or 12 of next cycle
Cycles TTC another: 20 cycles of active TTC, no BC since our 3 yo was born.

Screen Name: Malenkaya
Real Name: Anastasia
Age (SO): 38 (47)
Current Children and ages: Ella, 5/19/08
Lost Children and dates: 9/04, 3/09, 9/09, 4/10, 7/10, 3/11
Diagnosis: Antiphosphilipid Antibodies, Recurrent Miscarriage, Chromosomal Abnormalities, Mild Ashermans, PAI-1 4G/5G Deficiency
Treatment and Meds: prenatals with DHA, Folgard, B6, baby aspirin and Lovenox daily.
Next Appointment: N/A
Cycles TTC another child: since January 2009.

Screen Name: love4leon
Real Name: Rebecca
Age: 36 (DH 37)
Current Children and age: Winnie 4 years
Diagnosis: Endometriosis (Me) DH diagnosed with Low sperm count, low motility, and liquidation. 5/11 diagnosed with testicular cancer. Began Chemotherapy June 27th.
Treatment and meds: IUI done 1/2/2011, 2/5/2011, 3/2011, 4/2011
Next Appointment: Waiting to finish Chemo before scheduling an appointment
Cycles TTC another: 24 cycles

Screen Name:Pretzelpirate07
Real Name: Leigh
Age 28 my Dh is 30
Current Children and age: Child 1: 2.5 yr old Kaiden child 2 Aurora 1.5 yrs old
Lost Children and dates: zelda march 2006 anecheaply 26 weeks
Diagnosis: PCOS, insulin resistance, gastric bypass and tubal reversal
Treatment and Meds: BCP then clomid, then onto injectibles and IUI
Next appointment: In the next few months
Cycles TTC another:either for surro parents or myself

Women Pregnant and praying to make it. :crossfingers: :preggo: :pray: If you need to be added to this list please give your EDD and the date you will be 12 weeks. Thank you! To find out how many weeks you are use thislink.

Screen Name: ncflanagan
Real Name: Noreen
Age: Me, 37 / DH, 31
Current Children and age: DS1 (15) and DS2 (2)
Losses: June '10 (6 wks), Sept '10 (8 wks, twins), April '11 (18wks 3dys, girl)
Date I'll be 12 wks: Sept 21st

Screen Name:poopstermomma
Real Name: Rochelle
Age:31 (DH 37)
Current Children and age DD ( 1 yr old)
Diagnosis: anovulation
Treatment and meds: 2nd cycle of Clomid
Next Appointment: Sept 24 to check progesterone
Cycles TTC another: 19 months (8 cycles)

:hide: :cheerleader2: Lurkers/Waiting to TTC/Graduates/Cheerleaders :hide: :cheerleader2:

Screen Name: flmamao2
Real Name: Sherrill
Age (SO): 30-31 next month (33)
Current Children and ages: Chloe (9), Hailey (7)
Lost Children and dates: 11/10, 1/11
Diagnosis: None as of yet, no testing until the 3rd MC per my Dr
Treatment and Meds: everyday meds: prenatals with DHA, Bcomplex, thinking of starting baby asprin and soy again
Next Appointment: None scheduled, respond to office for blood work as soon as a positive is seen for hcg draws and progesterone testing
Cycles TTC another child: 14
EDD: 1/23/12

Screen Name: Meeshkasheeba
Real Name: Tina
Age (SO): 27 (DH 27)
Current Children and age: DS1-4 yrs old, DS2-21mo old
Lost children and dates: 8week loss, 01/07
Diagnosis: endometriosis (stage IV in "04 and stage III now)
Treatment and meds: Laparotomy- 7/04, Lupron injection 11/04 Laproscope- 7/05, 7/08, 3/11
Next Appointment: in waiting
Cycles TTC another: 11

Screen Name: chmom77
Real Name: Helen
Age (SO): 31 (DH 37)
Current Children and age: DD (3 yrs old)
Lost children and dates: ectopic 6/10
Diagnosis:PCOS, endometriosis, arcuate septum, uterine polyps, unexplained uterine lining issues (all me) and varicoseles (DH).
Treatment and meds: hysterosocopy/lap surgery in Jan. '11, mini-stim FET in April with Follistim, Ganirelex, low-dose HCG, trigger, medrol, estrace, and progesterone in oil
Next Appointment: 5/9 follow-up blood work
Cycles TTC another: 25 months (16 cycles)
12 week Date: June 26
EDD: 1/8/2012

Screen Name:moonglowdesigns
Real Name:
Age(SO):29 (DH 35)
Current Children and age:Ds (10yrs), Ds (6yrs), Ds (4yrs)
Lost Children and dates:3 angels, ('04, '09 and '10)
Diagnosis MFI
Treatment and meds:We have decided to NTNP and leave it up to the fates on whether we will have another child or not.
Cycles TTC another: Since '09

Screen Name: kt~mommy
Real Name: Katie
Age: Me 29; DH 30
Current Children and ages: Oliver (3)
Diagnosis: Male Factor (high progesterone affecting sperm motility) plus LPD
Treatment and Meds: TAB from mine, DH taking meds to lower his progesterone
Next Appointment: blood retesting in January 2011
Cycles TTC another child: 17 months

Screen Name: McMamma
Real Name: Char

Screen Name: Sweetmama26
Real Name: Krystal
Age (SO):26 at the end of April
Current Children and age: Child 1: 7, Child 2: 4(in May), DS: 23 months
Lost Children and dates: M/C 1: 6wks(2000), M/C 2:6wks(2002), M/C 3:9wks(2003), M/C 4: Vanishing Twin Syndrome 8.5 weeks lost baby 1 had baby 2 in May of 06(2005), M/C 5: 6 weeks(2007), M/C 6: 11wks (2008), M/C 7: 4 weeks 3 days(april 2010)
Diagnosis: PCOS and Chromosomal Anomalies
Treatment and Meds: Progesterone
Next appointment:
Cycles TTC another:

Screen name: 3 Ladybugs
Real Name: Jennifer
Age (SO): 34 (DH 36)
Current Children and age: Maximillian (2 years)
Lost children and dates: Christopher (lived 28 minutes, July 31, 2006), Alexander (lived 11 days. Died August 11, 2006), Emily (lived 5 months 5 days. Died January 5, 2007), "Baby D" (Miscarried, September 2007)
Diagnosis: Insulin Resistant, Non-PCOS, Unexplained infertilty, in remission for Hodgkins/Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, possible chemo induced premature ovarian failure.
Treatment and meds: Will do FET (frozen embryo transfer) but need to wait 2 years from remission status to do cycle. Hoping for August 2012 for transfer.
Cycles TTC another: First "take home child" - 3 months short of 5 years. Had 6 cycles between me weaning my son, and chemo stopping my cycles. Haven't had a natural cycle since February 2010

HeatherlovesCDs 08-14-2011 09:07 PM

Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 14-21
Thanks Ladies on the sympathy for my wonderful AF. I haven't talked my GYN about it. I haven't seen him since my 6wk PP check. :blush: I'm sure he would just want to put me on meds and I'm really not interested. However, next time I see him (which I should do soon), I think I might talk to him about it. If there is something super low dose that I could take for just a few days around AF, I might do it. We'll see.

Anyway, it turns out I was right. I did start early. I woke up to AF this AM. I'm a little happy because I don't have to wonder as I get closer to the due date. But, I also don't like that it came early. I like my body to do what it is supposed to do when it is supposed to do it. :giggle: I did go ahead and wean the twins completely this month. So, that could have thrown it off, but I wasn't producing much and they were only nursing twice a day, barely. (Hence the weaning. They just weren't really interested anymore.)

On a good note, I haven't be my usual monster self this month. I'm definitely feeling the hormones and a little snippy, but nothing like what I usually am for a few days. I feel almost like myself still. :yay:

Ardenne 08-15-2011 06:25 AM

Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 14-21
Good morning :) I'm glad you're feeling like yourself, Heather! And I agree, weaning could throw things off, even though they weren't nursing all that much anymore it's still a change. IIRC it took 2-3 months post-weaning each time for AF to settle into a totally predictable pattern again.

AFM, I should be CD 2, but AF hasn't shown up yet. :headscratch: I'm getting pretty grouchy about it, because the tests are still consistently negative, and I just want to get on with the next cycle. DH and I talked it over and we're going to re-try the same regimen as last month, except this time with Robitussin CD 8-15 (or whenever turns out to be 24 hours post-O) to thin CM. Fingers crossed.

Liz*RN*BSN 08-15-2011 01:01 PM

Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 14-21
Well I am back. We were out of town forever but I am glad to be back home.
We are adding Metformin to the Lovenox, Baby Aspirin and Endometrin. I feel like I am taking an entire pharmacy of meds... Think I just ovulated but I have not been temping so not sure when exactly.
Here are my updates.
Screen Name:liz*rn*bsn
Real Name: Elizabeth
Age (SO): 26 (28)
Current Children and age: JT - 3yrs, Ethan - 2 years
Lost child: Early m/cs: 10/10, 2/11, 4/11, 6/11, 7/11
Diagnosis: Recurrent Miscarriage, Factor 5 Leiden Disorder, Poly Cystic Ovaries
Treatment and meds: Lovenox and Progesterone daily during luteal phase, baby aspirin every day, Metformin Daily
Next Appointment: No appt scheduled
Cycles TTC another: Over a year

Vegan Princess 08-15-2011 03:07 PM

Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 14-21
Welcome back Liz!

Heather - glad you are still feeling like yourself! Maybe weaning helped the hormone fluctuation?

Fleece: I'm glad your test day is pretty much here so you can get back to feeling good again!

AFM: I am 6 dpo trigger and still getting pretty decently dark positive on HPT. I bet it won't be out of my system until the end of the week. I feel like crap today. I had a couple beers at the show and didn't get to bed until 2! Plus I did a new yogasculpt class yesterday and my entire body is sore. Thankfully my dd went to her friend's house for a few hours so I got a nap in.

skyericsson 08-15-2011 04:49 PM

Welcome back Liz!!!

Heather I know my hormones were different at every stage of nursing ie.. Infant, toddler to weaning stage to ds
almost weaned now and he'll be 4 next week!! Glad your feeling better!

Ardene grrrr... I had an unusual cycle that went over a few mths back and I think my body was trying to ajust my hormones. Praying for your new cycle to have your BFP......

Baby dust to all of us :)

Dewberri 08-15-2011 06:19 PM

Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 14-21
Heather, glad its going better for you this time around :)

Ardenne, hoping its a BFP for you!

Liz, welcome home.

AFM... just tired... DH traded some shifts so he's working long days for the next 5 days :( I'm gonna be so lonely and even more tired... Rar :fryingpan:

meldo 08-15-2011 06:47 PM

Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 14-21
Dewberri: I'm going to be where you are starting Wednesday. Luckily, DH's trip gets him back home on Sunday instead of Tuesday, but still... It's going to be a long few days without him, especially during the 2WW. :(

AFM: I'm 4dp3dt and got another BFN today. My embies should be starting the implantation process around now and tomorrow. I got the call from my RE this afternoon and we have 5 frozen blasts! :jawdrop::yay: Totally unexpected since we've only made it to blast once. My RE said if those 5 were this good, the ones I'm carrying around will most likely be strong too. :yay: This is our best cycle, embryo-wise, so far. Did I mention: :yay:

skyericsson 08-15-2011 07:31 PM

Yay! Melissa for you and your frozen LO

AFM I'm having one of those, "not sure what my body is doing" cycles (sigh) CD24 bfn...

NCFlanagan 08-15-2011 07:33 PM

Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 14-21
Melissa: That's awesome news - keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Stupid question, forgive me - I've seen people taking baby aspirin. Why?

As for me, I'll be 7 weeks on Wednesday. I had an U/S last Tuesday, and I measured exactly on date and we saw a little heart beat on the screen. While this should make me happy, it just makes me more nervous. I don't go back to see my midwife until Sept 21st, when I will be 12 weeks. That's soooooooo ling from now!

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