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Mommy2Cadence 04-29-2009 06:23 AM

Addicted To The Stick- Wednesday April 29
Please post here in a different color from the rest of your post with updates or to be added to the list

All changes will be made to next days list

:nursing: EBF Awaiting AF:





Radish4ever (Jennifer)



:whistle: Waiting to TTC


2208 (June)



Zacksmommy(2 weeks)


jenvbear (waiting till dh is ready)


sbbeana (waiting to TTC after m/c)

Nevsmom (June 2009)

Roses~Summer (2009)

Attachedmom (waiting for 1st PPAF)

Rileys mommy (June 2009)

Us4AngelCorey (Spring 2010)

Meagank24 (fall/winter 2009)

Valeriepdx(waiting for AF after m/c)


Mother0407 (TTC 2011)





:ttc:Waiting to O:

laylaeomommy- cd2

blueblueMummy- cd?

mama2jack- cd3

ANDREA0507- cd4

Hammyswifey- cd4

Jeebee- cd6

zomojen- cd6

AbbyCadaby- cd10


mommy2cadence- cd11

Aimers1- cd12

LoriT02- cd14

turtledance- cd15

mom21girl- cd17

steggie87- cd17


Jenfrogmom- cd18

Youmb00- cd19

Bootygold- cd23


Kidpsych2be- cd26

Myr25- cd26

lavender dragonfly- cd28

JulieK- cd31

RedSoxLover- cd134

:lostit: 2 WW:

~Melissa~- 2dpo



peaches330- 6dpo

dizzywaif- 6dpo


mclaybrook- 7dpo

Ellowyn- 8dpo

yesterdayicried- 9dpo

akilgore- 9dpo

Joeysmomma - 9dpo

bellarose4- 10dpo

Jodi_P- 10dpo

Mrsdrums1- 12dpo

:babydust: TEST TEST TEST:

noniesmom- 13dpo

babyblue_sp- 25dpo

austinandashlynsmommy- 24dpo

DeniseM- 26dpo

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hac1224 (12/25/09)

reagansmom05 (12/20/09)


emjay417 (12/18/09)


Greencheeks (12/19/09)

rachaeljohnson (11/24/09)

Sharon_k (12/17/09)


Edensmomma (12/15/09)

Alynnb324 (12/11/09)




Pnglovebirds (12/2/09)

Lilthunderfox (11/16/09)

Ktmelody (11/21/09)

Jdeemarie (11/14/09)

Earthmommatobe (11/12/09)


Mommygraham (11/10/09)

Mindyt289 (11/10/09)

LittleB’sMom (11/8/09)

Ladybug6 (11/4/09) TWINS!!!


TeachinAuntie (11/4/09)

Blissarah (10/2/09)

StaceyS (11/1/09)

Mlaowell (10/31/09)

angel0123 (10/31/09)

Savannah (10/29/09)


ty&Jessie (10/25/09)

Xavier & Ella’s Mommy



smithmom (10/15/09)



Harmony96 (10/5/09)



Lissabrat (9/21/09)

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Mommy2Cadence 04-29-2009 06:27 AM

Re: Addicted To The Stick- Wednesday April 29
Good Morning Ladies!

I finally get to pee on something today! Just OPK's but still, yeah!

So who is gonna be the first 2010 ATTS Mommy graduate?

We NEED to see a BFP today, there are so many that have been testing.

Aimers1 04-29-2009 06:53 AM

Re: Addicted To The Stick- Wednesday April 29
Still "low" on the monitor nothing new going on here. The local elementary school did get closed this morning with a "probable" case of swine flu though...not really surprising based on my neighborhood. Just one more thing to worry about...I'll have to wear a mask to walk the dog soon :rofl: now that would be a sight!

Thanks for the pic yesterday Melissa...I can see a veeeery faint line on the lh side of my sitck this am, but nothing major yet. Hopefully it's coming and I can post pics of mine soon.

buttonnose 04-29-2009 07:12 AM

Re: Addicted To The Stick- Wednesday April 29
good luck to anyone testing today!

JoeysMomma 04-29-2009 07:35 AM

Re: Addicted To The Stick- Wednesday April 29
Morning girls.
Took the dollar store test, and got a very faint pinkish line within the time frame. (didn't take a pic. Sorry!! It was at 7am this morning).
No celebrating yet though. I'm always nervous about evaps.

Headed to target today, and I'm gonna pick up some other tests for tomorrow. Any recs? I'm gonna get an FRER for sure.
Even if I get a bfp on those, I won't be excited until af time comes and goes (sorry to be a downer! But, it's been a rough year!)

Good luck to the other ladies testing!

Ellowyn 04-29-2009 08:17 AM

Re: Addicted To The Stick- Wednesday April 29
Good morning!

Rebecca~ Yay for POAS!! I wanna see some bfps today too! And I hope one of them is MINE! LOL!

Aimee~ Yikes on the swine flu!! That stuff is really scaring me! Good luck testing!

Angela~ Yay for pink lines! Good luck! I'm a preg test newb so no recommendations...sorry. People seem to like the Clear blue easy digitals too.

AFM ~ I'm 8DPO and have what "might" look like a shadow on an IC hpt. I never see anything on these and I did a couple at 6 and 7 DPO, nothing. So that makes me wonder if there's something there this time. I'm trying to hold my pee until 11 and do another one.
What do you guys think of travel with the swine flu floating around? I was planning to visit my mom next month and I have to buy plane tickets for it. I would be taking 18 mo DD with me and maybe my ODD too. Now, I am really nervous about airports and flying with this swine flu. My mom is getting remarried and will be heartbroken if I don't come...argh! I wish I could just drive. But it's like a 16 hour drive. Has anyone driven that far with a baby, alone? There's no way I can get DH to go...he doesn't love my mom. I don't know what to do.

crunchymamaNY 04-29-2009 08:28 AM

Re: Addicted To The Stick- Wednesday April 29
Good luck Angela!!!!!!!!

I'm a bit nervous about me getting a BFP. DH and I dtd and turns out, I was O. We are currently NOT TTC because we are not getting along much these days. It's all touch and go here. We need to get our act together before we even think about TTC.

Because I work for an OBGYN, I did check the EED if it was, and I'd be 1/15/10....LOL! Feels like a long time away!!!!!

ANDREA0507 04-29-2009 08:55 AM

Re: Addicted To The Stick- Wednesday April 29
Good luck Angela and Laine! Be sure to show us pics of your better tests!!!! :woot2:

Uh oh Sherrity lol hope it all works out! :hugs:

AFM: CD 4, af should be leaving soon hopefully! I DESPERATELY want to concieve this month, if I O on time this month, I'll be Oing on my ds2 2nd birthday! LOL That day could be special in more than one way. I think his super fast growing up makes me want to ttc even more. He recently (like this month!) sleeps through the night, sometimes goes to bed and falls asleep on his own, and now is POTTY TRAINING! Where has my baby gone? lol he's a big boy now!

My only prob with TTC is when I was going through my miscarriage in Feb, my dh said we would ttc a girl again (he didn't necessarily say when tho!) so the last two months I havent been doing a thing to avoid pregnancy but I'm not getting pregnant. Well 2 days before af came, I took an answer and dh saw the box and asked what it was so I told him "nothing, it was negative anyways" and he said "GOOD, IT BETTER BE" I mean...ughhh I guess that means he doesn't want to ttc right now but I desperately do! He is still worried about money (works on houses, sheetrock and finishing and stuff) but I hate how far apart this new baby is going to be...not to mention I'm dying to have a little girl.
Just last night I had a dream I had a baby but maybe I had to have an emergency c-section (one of my worst fears lol) so I didn't get to see my baby right away. Well later, I went to the nursery and saw my dh next to a bed with a baby in it. I walked up to it and the baby was covered in an ella elephant blanket (lol I am around my fabric too much) and had a bow on it's head. He looked at me and said "it's a girl" and I just started to cry happy tears and picked her up and she was so beautiful.

Gah...I need a life.

hammyswifey 04-29-2009 08:58 AM

Re: Addicted To The Stick- Wednesday April 29
I can't believe we're working on 2010 babies now!! Craziness.

I'm CD4, took my first 150 mg dose of soy yesterday... I'm wondering if my mood swings are the soy or my period. I was MEAN yesterday. Very emotional.
I scheduled my yearly appointment and found an OBGYN here in my area! From what I've read online, they do allow VBACs, so I'm excited to meet them (it's a husband/wife team) and ask them A LOT of questions regarding our TTC, VBACs, etc.

Angela--I'm a big digi tester. There is no guessing, just Pregnant or Not Pregnant.

Aimee--I think we live in the same state. I was just watching the press conference (they interuppted my today show...). I've been really worried about this Swine Flu, but I'm trying to get to worked up about it. Just taking my vitamins and making sure DS and I stay healthy.
ETA: NVM, I live in MN not IL. LOL. We had some elementary schools close today too. But I think they are near the cities.

juliek 04-29-2009 09:10 AM

Re: Addicted To The Stick- Wednesday April 29
angela hope your test turns out with a nice positive line:)
sherrity: hope everything goes your way:)
well, yesterday my opk were much darker than this mornings and i don't see anything on the hpt.... So i'm going to assume that i O'ed yesterday. So could you please move me to 1dpo well see what happens? What a total fluke that i took a test yesterday? WEll if i am pregnant and it's just not reading y tiuld in a couple days so i'll test. I did have huge spike in my temps last tues when i go home form my trip and Dh and i did DTD? But i'm still thinking that i just o'ed yesterday- which is still exciting:) lighter than yesterday

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