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cricketsmomma 07-04-2008 09:43 PM

Re: ? for Avent Isis Users
I LOVE my Isis!

Up til squirt was about 1, I could fill a 9-oz. bottle to the brim - took maybe 15 minutes. Seemed to be more efficient than my double electric PIS except that you have to do one side at a time. I think because I could regulate the rhythm. I used it many many days at work, and in other wierd situations. My dad spent a month in the hospital before he died when my LO was 9 weeks old, so I was pumping every 2-3 hours in the hospital and my DH was doing drive-by milk pick-ups in the parking lot.

I still use it when I randomly fill up at work or if my LO isn't hungry and I'm about to explode.

The petals make it more comfy. I forgot that part a few times, and it kind of pinched.


kezoo 07-05-2008 08:30 PM

Re: ? for Avent Isis Users

Originally Posted by medtechbeck (Post 3994528)
1) Do you like your pump?

2) How much can you get a pumping and how long does it take? Is it too slow for a daily pumping at work?

3) Do the petals really help with letdown (I have a letdown problem - I get the tingle but only a trickle of milk)?

1) I have the manual and it's only okay. For work I have a PIS and that is waaaaaaaay better! I keep the manual at home for occasional use.

2)I've NEVER been able to get a letdown w/ this pump (but I do w/ my PIS) - the only way I can get *any* milk out w/ this pump is if I feed baby on the other side and then baby obviously gets the letdown going and I take advantage of that w/ the pump. The other day I got almost 5 oz in about 10 minutes - but my hand was tired LOL! I would most definitely NOT recommend the ISIS manual for work pumping.

3) Don't know - never tried it w/out the petals - perhaps I should???

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