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Tootsiemomma 02-19-2007 08:28 AM

Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!
How do you get other Doc's and medical community to get off your back?? I'd just like to be able to take her when needed and not have to answer 20 questions about why I chose this, and hear a lecture about how dangerous it is and try to be made to feel like a bad mom! So please help me here! When you filled out that refusal form, do doc's still try to change your mind or do they leave you alone? (I haven't filled it out yet, because I haven't taken her back to her old pedi yet)

2beautifulgirls 02-19-2007 08:34 AM

Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!
Non-vaxing mama here. In my experience the docs will never get off your back so you have to learn how to talk to have to put your foot down until they understand that this is your child and you are making the best decisions for your child possible. I wish I had more and better advice for a magic "shut-up" button for when they just won't quit. But really, I usually just tell them quietly that we choose not to vax and when they start going off I just nod and smile and say thanks for the opinion. You'll likely always get the dirty looks and whispers when you walk down the doctors office hall, but really, how often do you see those people. At least you're making informed decisions for your DC.

Hitchkids 02-19-2007 08:42 AM

Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!
I have to agree. Most likely they won't back off. You'll hear lots of stories about how they vaccinate their kids and wouldn't suggest anything they thought would harm your child. You'll be told at some point most likely that by refusing the vaccine, you are putting your child at risk of dying (I was given this spiel over the chicken pox vaccine). At some point, a doctor will refuse to address any of your real questions and spend an entire visit trying to push you into vaccinating on their schedule. And if you are really lucky you will find a doctor who will kick you out of their practice for not following their vaccine schedule. Which is their right but also a bit annoying. I had a doctor do this to our family because I wouldn't follow their schedule and they highly suggested extra vaccines and encouraged their patients to participate in vaccine trials. Heck, the doctor proudly proclaimed that he put his own children in the trials. Never even took the articles down when the vaccine in question was pulled for causing major issues. Anyway, some folks are lucky and find respectful doctors. others luck out because in their area vaccines are all done at the health dept so it's a none issue for regular appointments. Mostly you have to remember to stand your ground and expect a few issues. And do not sign anything that says that you are aware that by refusing such and such vaccine, you are putting your child at risk. Never, ever sign something to that affect. I've heard of some people tying up their own reasons for not vaccinated or for using an alternate schedule and bringing that in to be put in their child's file. I'd go that route long before signing anything provided by the doctor that even hints that I am putting my child at risk.

camomof5 02-19-2007 08:43 AM

Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!
I dont know, when I went in last time I told him I was not going to continue with all the vax and the ones we are doing we are spreading out, He asked why I told him basically i dont believe in some and the others I do not think we should put so much in a baby at once. He said alright and life went on. Maybe I am just lucky

9800Emily 02-19-2007 08:44 AM

Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!
I think it has to do with your reaction when they ask about it. If they think you are unsure then they will try to get you to give the shots. It depends on who is asking for what I say. When dd was seen in an emergency clinic I simply said that no her vaxs were not up to date and that I didn't need or want to get any and her that her pedi was aware and supportive of our descision. When she went to her first appointment at the allergist and when she goes her new pedi, I will expline about the reaction and that she will no longer be getting anymore. IMO docs that you are going to see more than once need to understand that you have made an informed descision that you fell is best for your child while urgent care docs just need to know that they havn't been given. The refuseal form make no difference on how they treat you. At my pedi's office we have to sign on everytime that says I know I'm refusing possible life saving vaxs :yuck: .

kezoo 02-19-2007 08:46 AM

Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!
We are also blessed w/ a respectful ped. When Claire was "due" for her first shots at 2 months, we told him that we were declining them (and we were already not vaxing Gavin, which he probably knew). He asked "All of them?" and I said "Yes, for now. If we do get them, she will be over 2.". He said "Okay, let me get you the waiver.". And that was that - he has never mentioned them again for Gavin or Claire. :D

Tootsiemomma 02-19-2007 08:47 AM

Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!
Well, I am in the process of switching to the only Pedi in town that will accept nonvaxed kids, problem is that she's completely booked. So I'm going to be on a waiting list or something like that.

kezoo 02-19-2007 08:49 AM

Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!
Oh, I wanted to add that we also do extended breastfeeding, organic food, homemade babyfood, etc. which our ped knows. So I think it is pretty obvious to him that we aren't just skipping the vaxes out of ignorance/laziness, but that we have made an informed decision. Also, the fact that my kids are so healthy (Gavin has only gone 2x for non-well-baby checkups in almost 4 years - once for the 'flu and once for his one & only ear infection / Claire has gone in once for an ear infection). So I think he probably believes that my kids have healthy immune systems that wouold be able to safely deal w/ any illness they might encounter. :thumbsup:

EmnJJsMom 02-19-2007 09:05 AM

Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!
If you figure out how to get your ped off your back, let me know!! At DD's 12 month well baby, my ped was STILL on my case about vaxes and telling me that my info was outdated and went on and on and on

ndunn 02-19-2007 09:33 AM

Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!
We just don't go to the doc. If we have to for a serious reason, we repeat this phrase ad nasuem "we do not vax for religious reasons".

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