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KaylaJayne 06-13-2010 09:28 PM

WOAH! Celebration & Suggestions Needed...
So... DS is 2 1/2 and we started PLing when he was about 20 months old and he was having a few successes but mostly fails so I gave up - it was easier to just give up and keep chatting with him about it but not to push him.

Lately he has started going - and we had a HUGE success where he had passed gas and I took him to the potty where he proceeded to have a BM in the potty!!! :lostit: Now today he was getting changed and he ASKED to go on the potty - we did and he peed! :lostit:

I need a bit of celebration cuz I feel so excited that this actually might be happening and some suggestions to gently guide him a bit more. My DS is stubborn so too much pushing will make him shut down.

Any tips or suggestions would be great!

nakedbabytoes 06-13-2010 10:31 PM

Re: WOAH! Celebration & Suggestions Needed...
Be positive.
Be supportive.
Don't be pushy.

Enjoy it!
I think that PLing is such an awesome time! They take such pride in going where the big people go. Expect setbacks. Expect good days & bad days. Always praise, never punish.
What I might do is put him in undies during the day and see how he does. I call it "testing". If he's indeed ready to make the transition, you should see him caring enough to go or ask to be taken before or right after an accident. He'll care that he's dry & clean. If not, he'll just use the undies like a diaper. Then you try again in a month or so and see if he's ready for undies yet.
No biggie if he's not. Yippie if he is!
Our son does get an M&M or sticker for going IN the potty. Nothing for accidents besides a set of dry clothes and a reminder that pee/poo goes in the potty.
But our guy eats up praise. And praise is free(and not bad for your teeth!!).
Good luck!!

doodah 06-13-2010 10:34 PM

Re: WOAH! Celebration & Suggestions Needed...
We used to do M&M for poops only and make a huge deal out of potty accessories. My older loves her Tinkerbell potty seat, picks out her own undies, etc. It is definitely a process so just keep encouraging and try your hardest not to get frustrated. Especially with stubborn kids. Just keep it light and fun and make it seem like they are choosing for themselves to be a big kid.

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