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diapermommy 06-14-2010 08:32 AM

Real quick, ds getting teeth pulled this morning
my 8 yo has to have 2 teeth pulled to make some room. We've had an apt for aug 3. and on a cancelations list. So they called and we're going in this morning. My question is, how do they do it? As far as pain goes anyway. I've never had an teeth pulled. Its a ped dentist if that makes a difference. I know they give him the gas stuff/laughing gas. Will it still hurt him or be uncomfortable? Do they give him shots after he gets loopy on the gas? Any info with your experience would be fantastic. ds is the kind of kid that does alot better if he is prepared with lots of knowledge before he does something and I'd like to prepare him for what to expect as much as possible.

ralenth 06-14-2010 10:00 AM

Re: Real quick, ds getting teeth pulled this morning
Okay, I don't know about teeth pulling, but my 8 year old had cavities at his last appointment. They used some gel that numbed his gums before giving him Novocain shots - and then they did the Novocain in such a way that he had no clue what so ever that he had a shot. None. During the drilling, cavity, etc, they kept him distracted enough that he was fine. And this is a kid that has quite a few sensory issues, ADHD, etc. I was dumbfounded, honestly. Can you call and talk to the dentist, or one of the hygenists? They should be able to set your mind at ease as to what they are going to use.

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