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hurricanechelsea 06-21-2010 01:30 AM

Portuguese Diapers
I spent an exchange year in 07/08 in Portugal and loved it. For Christmas this past year, my friend's host family sent me a painted flat diaper (which is too cute to use, even if I felt like risking the paint in the diaper wash). This flat is SOOOO soft, and it's made in Portugal. I'd love to know where I can get them (online or otherwise). I know the shipping would probably be super expensive, but I'd looove to have some Portuguese flats. Portuguese textiles are amazing.

Also, I wondered if there were any Portuguese manufacturers of pocket diapers/AIOs and things like that. I'd like to have a super-special Portuguese diaper, but everything seems to be from somewhere else. Even if it were a diaper from a Portuguese WAHM, with some awesome Portuguese fabric or something...

Anyway, I'm kind of just being a huge nerd here (with both cloth diapers and Portugal) but I wondered if anyone could help me :) Thanks/obrigada!

(If you can explain better in Portuguese, go ahead! I'll understand!)

nirtak99 07-02-2010 06:01 PM

Re: Portuguese Diapers
Sorry I don't know where to get them online...but I live in Portugal and they do have great textiles here! We only used the portuguese diapers as burp cloths, since I am not a pinning and folding kind of girl I actually bought my cloth diapers in the US and brought them over (or had family bring them). People here have never seen the pocket/AIO concept or anything like that, (maybe in Lisbon?, but not where I live) and actually none of my portuguese friends cloth diaper at all. Good luck in your search. your best bet is probably to have your host family send another one or two over and suck up the shipping cost, it might not be too bad since flats are lightweight.

crazylife 07-03-2010 01:11 AM

Re: Portuguese Diapers
Have you tried doing a 'Local Search' on Etsy? I was bored so I punched it in - there are lots of sellers from Portugal and many of them looked to be selling jewelry but I didn't go thru all the pages...Good Luck!

hmichelle 09-13-2011 08:04 PM

Re: Portuguese Diapers
Ok So I know this is an older thread but I would love to know where I could find some Portuguese Flats ... may have to ask DS g-ma to send me some from Portugal. Also I really really want baby books in Portuguese for my DS and all I can find is Brazilian Portuguese (I have been informed there is a difference **shrugs shoulders*** )

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