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Tootsiemomma 02-23-2007 08:55 AM

Speaking of Birthmarks....
I just remembered while reading the other post on Birthmarks, I was wanting to ask ya'll about my daughters. She has 2 mongolian spots, on giant one on her butt and one small dot on her arm. I had to take her into the ER Saturday for a high spiking fever, and completely forgot to mention it to them....the marks are blueish and almost look like bruises. I usually always tell any doctor/nurse about them so they don't freak out on me. But I forgot, later I remembered and started freaking thinking that they might have thought that it was something else :cry: But....I'm thinking that it should be in her file right?

Also, anyone know if these go away?? I'd hate for her to grow up having a blue butt....ykwim?

betty_joanne 02-23-2007 09:21 AM

Re: Speaking of Birthmarks....
Another one:,,3qdt,00.html

Tootsiemomma 02-23-2007 12:46 PM

Re: Speaking of Birthmarks....
Oi, the first article is what scares me, that some wellmeaning person will think that they are bruises. But I'm glad that it says that most go away by 2! Thanks

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