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kissy 02-24-2007 08:07 AM

Car seat shopping help
I have a 9 wk old he is probably about 13-14 lbs very chunky and I am going to buy him a car seat should I buy an infant seat or convertible car seat and what brand do you think is best and why? Thanks for your help.

MamaZ 02-24-2007 09:46 AM

Re: Car seat shopping help
Well I'm not a carseat tech by here's my experience :) If you have a heavy baby I wouold recommend the Graco infant carrier that goes up to 30 lbs (it usually has a HUGE sign on it that says "Up to 30lbs" :giggle: can't miss it!) My SIL has it and she loves it. I did a little research on it myself and found it also goes up to a height of 31" I believe (it was more than the usual 27" like most).

I've heard that you don't want to put newborns in a convertible seats. Hopefully a car seat tech or other mamas here can reverify that for me :) But converitible wise, I love my Cosco Scenara (only about $40) and I was told it's a high recommendation too. That goes up to 40" tall, 35 lbs rf and 40 ff. But if you have the money and want to splurg some :giggle: There are tons of others out there. By pure luck I got a new Britax Marathon for $185 so I just had to have that! :giggle: And that seat will go up to 65 lbs ff in a 5 pt harness. Though my second choice was a Sunshine Kids Radian 80 (is also rf but ff it goes up to 80 lbs with the 5 pt harness).

But if you're looking for inexpensive and a great model go with the Scenara imo because it fits great in pretty much every car we've tried it in (Nissan Sentra, BMW 318i, 1989 Blazer, Windstar).

HTH mama!!

LoveSunshine 02-24-2007 10:42 AM

Re: Car seat shopping help
I just purchased two Britax Boulevards from . I love that they're probably going to be all I need until my kids are out of car seats. I know some convertibles will look like they swallow the baby whole, but the best thing about convertibles is you only buy a carseat once. I have an infant carrier type car seat now and don't like it. It's so bulky and hard to carry around. BTW, it's an Eddie Bauer type, not sure of the exact model, but it's a "nicer" one, and I wish I had just gone with a convertible and a sling at the beginning! :thumbsup:

desicasi 02-24-2007 11:02 AM

Re: Car seat shopping help
We just moved our 3 mo old to a convertible. He's 11lbs but pretty long. He seems so much safer in the seat and its more comfortable. I also love that I have to take him out to go in anywhere.

sweetiejo5 02-24-2007 01:13 PM

Re: Car seat shopping help
I have a Cosco Alpha Omega Elite. I think it was rated something like number 3 safest for $130. It is 5-100 lbs. I love it. DD always cried in the car in the regular old bucket, now never. Don't know how it would be for a brand new baby but we switched over at about 4 mos and have had no problems. Initial installation was a bit of a hassle but that is true of many. Happy Shopping!

mrsjune 02-24-2007 01:53 PM

Re: Car seat shopping help
The bad thing about getting a infant car seat is that you will have to move him into a bigger in just a few short months. I would go ahead and get a Britax Marathon. Goes up to 65lbs!

2beautifulgirls 02-24-2007 04:01 PM

Re: Car seat shopping help
Do you really not want to put a newborn in a convertible? I have the Graco ComfortSport for my toddler and was about to buy one for my Newborn since it goes from 5-40 lb. and iis really padded.....I did not use it as an infant seat before, we actually had an infant seat but not anymore. I'd love to have info on this subject too. :popcorn:

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