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beenwaitingalongtime 02-24-2007 02:22 PM

Fever questions
DD is teething but she's never had a fever w/ it till now. It's 102.7 rectally. Our holistic ped has DH getting some serrum phosphoricum pellets to reduce her fever and I'm making some chamomile tea to hydrate her. (I'm sure she'd rather BF all day instead, but my supply's running low these days since she's been eating so many solids.) I'm going to have DH massage her w/ lavender/tangerine oil when he gets back--ped says massaging that up and down her spine should work the fever out.
I have to say, this is all new to me. Motrin is our ped's desperation-only suggestion, so I'm just looking for some confirmation that she's ok.
She just went back down for her 3rd nap since 5am--really that's the ideal napping qty, but usually she wouldn't even go down for her 2nd yet. Is it ok that she's needing to sleep so much?
She's just so miserable--cries if put down while I try to feed her or something, and just lies on me like a lump otherwise. She hasn't laid still on me like this since she was a nb.
What temp constitutes more proactive action? How can I get more fluids in her if she refuses?

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