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Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 07-29-2010 06:12 PM

Public Outing of a SCAMMING member angiepmomof4/happymama4
It has come to our attention this seller was here scamming many members. This member created and actively used both accounts here, no items have arrived to the buyers so we started digging and found she has scammed on spotscorner as well.

If you have had a transaction with either angiepmomof4 or happymama4, please file with paypal immediately. I am hoping all the money has been frozen before she got to withdrawl any of it. I understand she used two paypal addresses as well, everything is linked and this is definitely the same seller.:banghead:
These are the email address she used to create her ds accounts

These are two paypal address she had buyers send funds to

Spotscorner feedback is here

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