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Celeste 08-14-2010 01:16 PM

Arm's Reach cosleeper?
I'm having my third in a few months & since his room is down the hall from us, I"m considering getting the Arm's Reach cosleeper, especially since I'll be having a c-section & getting in/out of my high bed isn't so easy. Who has used one? Like it/ dislike it? I haven't even kept either of my other kids in the room with me at all (their rooms are directly across the hall from ours & I didn't even need a monitor to hear them fuss). I"m a little worried that the newborn snorting & snuffling might keep me awake, too, but maybe not since it's my third & I'll be totally exhausted! WWYD?

Crew&West 08-14-2010 01:22 PM

Re: Arm's Reach cosleeper?
I contemplated getting one when I had no2 via csection and someone suggested taking one side off his crib and putting it next to our bed "sidecar" style and and we did that and it worked great!

I just put a piece of foam were there was a smidgen of a gap (or rolled up blanket) and then baby slept in HIS bed while we slept in ours and then when I moved his crib into his room he was already used to the bed.

luvsviola 08-14-2010 01:23 PM

Re: Arm's Reach cosleeper?
I had the mini for DFS that I borrowed from a friend.

My bed is high, so it was way too low, and I didn't bother with the extensions. I used it as a stand alone bassinet. I LOVED it. The sheet velcros to the mattress, which velcros to the crib. It is rock solid, and doesn't shake when you put the baby down. This way, the baby was a lot more likely to stay asleep than my traditional PNP that had a shakey bassinet. I also liked the mini because it was nice and small, so it didn't take up a lot of room.

They are on Craigslist a lot, so you might look there.

MrsJordan85 08-14-2010 01:26 PM

Re: Arm's Reach cosleeper?
We have the mini- I found it on Craigslist barly used. DD still sleeps in it at 7 months (just not by our bed anymore- over by the wall) I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! It was amazing with BFing in the beginning, and now still. It was so nice to nurse her and just stick her back in there, and know she was safe since co-sleeping with a tiny baby made me nervous. I loved being abe to hear her breathe at night and to be able to check up on her as a newbie. SO worth it.

klilley 08-14-2010 01:35 PM

Re: Arm's Reach cosleeper?
we :wub: ours, we have the full size one.

did i say that we LOOOOOOVE it :) so much we have 2 of them :giggle:

i got a second one to leave at my mom's house, but we haven't even gone there, so we still have it.

you can check out youtube for videos on how they work.

found them on craigslist too. which we were lucky, but to be honest, it is one of the few items that i think is totally worth at full price.

i wouldn't get the mini size, its the size of a bassinet, and won't work after like 2-3 months. We can keep using ours and plan to until she absolutely does not fit in there.

our DD is 5 months and she can still sleep in there, however she is usually on the bed with us. It is definitely handy in the middle of the nite when newborn babies have a need. it has side pockets to store stuff.

also if you get one and it doesn't come with a fitted sheet, i wouldn't worry about it, we have like 3 and never use them. i just placed a blanket and folded it to fit and it works just fine.

stinkelein 08-14-2010 03:07 PM

Re: Arm's Reach cosleeper?
I love ours soo much that when DH broke our(it was a very old hand me down form SIL, ds was child #5 to sleep in it) last one I bought a new one for dd2. It was the best thing after my c section. I would recommend the leg extensions so you don't have to bend in too far from the bed to get the baby. ESP after a c section, at least at first anyway. It attaches right to your bed so there is never any gap. It means that there is never a LO in bed when I am on pain meds too.
My sister has a MINI and it is good for her as they only cosleep for a very short time... and the regular would never fit in their bedroom (the regular is the size of a standard pnp and the mini more the size of abassinet)
We wwill continue to use ours until she is too big for it.
I love that thing.

MinkaK 08-14-2010 03:08 PM

Re: Arm's Reach cosleeper?
Loved it! We cosleep most of the time but when I needed to lay DD for a nap or put her to bed before I was ready it was perfect. We have the full size one, from pics the smaller one would have been too small. I only used it until she was 5m old though. The sides are just too low (IMO) for a baby that can sit up/crawl. I was worried that she would wake up and fall out.


Originally Posted by Crew&West (Post 10978903)
I contemplated getting one when I had no2 via csection and someone suggested taking one side off his crib and putting it next to our bed "sidecar" style and and we did that and it worked great!

We did this for DS and really liked this way too. When I started to read about the problems with dropside crib we got rid of ours, just in case. I did prefer the Arms reach as it took up less room than the crib did.

MinkaK 08-14-2010 03:09 PM

Re: Arm's Reach cosleeper?
I also wanted to say we got ours on craigslist with the leg extensions and an extra pair of sheets. I found I needed those extras,lol.

JennTheMomma 08-14-2010 06:29 PM

Re: Arm's Reach cosleeper?
We have one and I love it. It works perfectly. We still co-sleep with our 3 year old, and so Liev is safely in his co-sleeper next to me all night. I didn't put him in there until he was 2 months old though, and he'll outgrow it at 6 months.

Celeste 08-14-2010 07:55 PM

Re: Arm's Reach cosleeper?
Thanks for the repsonses. I actually saw one on CL for $75 (the mini one, which is what I want, since our we don't have a lot of walking room in our bedroom). Is this a good price? The lister says it's almost new. Anyway, I'm having 2 baby showers, so I might just register for one. Honestly, I don't see myself/DH as being cosleepers for longer than a month-6 weeks. I just want to recover easily from a c-section! I like my space in bed. DH & I don't even share covers, we each have our own.

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