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HeatherMac603 08-24-2010 06:34 PM

Montessori families
My oldest DD starts Montessori Primary in two weeks. She will be 3 in November. She has visited the school 4 times now, and we spent an hour with just us and the teacher today so they could get to know each other. I am excited, but also very nervous about how she will handle it. She will be the youngest in her classroom. The teacher was very reassuring and said they will cuddle and read to her, or do whatever she needs if she is upset. I am making her a picture book of different aspects of school to help prepare her (the cubbies, her classroom, the teacher, the work mats, the bathroom, :giggle2: etc.), and we talk positively about school all the time.

Any suggestions for helping her get ready? Any suggestions for helping me cope? :blush:

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