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sullysgirl 08-25-2010 09:48 AM

Crib to big girl bed...not a great first night :P
A little background info for you- I am 37 weeks pregnant, daughter is 22 months old.

I feel like I am going to crash. Dd is thankfully still sleeping after her first night in a real bed. Started out okay- fussed, got up a few times etc. but within an hour- asleep!

2:30 rolls around, and non stop getting up and coming to the baby gate we put up at her door etc. We tried laying with her so she would just be still and sleep, but didn't happen. Poor kid was trying to sleep, but just couldn't. 5am rolls around, and off back to her crib (now set up in her soon to be brother's room) she goes :(.

Suckks because she was such a great crib sleeper, and I feel like we have foisted this new change on her. Maybe she's not ready, I don't know. Try again tonight, and not letting her go beyond napping an hour and a half today, to make sure she is decently tired.

I am thinking we will try for 4-5 more days, see if there is any improvement and re-evaluate from there. If she is just not ready, we can put the baby in the bassinette for the first 4 months or so and let her have her crib back for that much longer. We were going to have the baby in the bassinette anyways, and leave the crib empty so daughter doesn't feel displaced by the baby. Ugh, dismantling this double bed and the crib (which will possibly need to be put back in her room though is NOT a job that will be fun :banghead:

Crew&West 08-25-2010 10:43 AM

Re: Crib to big girl bed...not a great first night :P
We moved ODS to his big boy bed when he was 17mo old simply because we needed the crib for YDS. He was horrible the first few weeks and we gave up and let him sleep with us just so we could sleep! UGH!

Anyway... 3mo later down the road we ended up moving in with my parents this summer while we did our house. We had to put ODS in our room with his mattress (twin size) on the floor. That kid has slept every night in HIS bed. If he wakes up he see's we're in the room with him and he lays right back down. So now to my point :giggle: what if you tried putting her bed in your room until she got used to it?!

coobeastie 08-25-2010 02:29 PM

Re: Crib to big girl bed...not a great first night :P
When I moved my DS to a bed I slept next to him on an air mattress for a few nights.

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