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hoffy613 08-25-2010 11:25 AM

Need encourgement
My ds had his 2 month checkup today. He weighs 10 lbs 6 oz. and is in really low %. He was only 5 lbs 11 oz at birth. At about 6 weeks he was almost 10 lbs. He is developing great the Dr. said, but I just feel like I'm doing something wrong with his feeding or something. He eats when he wants and however much he wants. He is breast fed. I just feel like because he isn't in better % I am doing something wrong.

Oh and I LOVE our Ped. She is completely open to delaying vacc.:thumbsup:

myfrugalfunlife 08-25-2010 11:34 AM

Re: Need encourgement
My ds was 10lbs at his 6 month checkup and was not even on the chart (8lbs at birth). Now he's two and almost 30lbs-he was just a peanut when he was an infant :) Don't beat yourself up!

blackbirdmama*3 08-25-2010 11:35 AM

Re: Need encourgement
Mama I think he is growing fine. He has almost doubled birth weight in 2 months! And how awesome you have a ped who respects your wishes on vaxing!

Lamb88 08-25-2010 11:38 AM

Re: Need encourgement
The dr doesnt seem concerned if he says hes developing great. I wouldnt worry as long as he's wetting diapers and eating good. I know its out job as moms to worry though so it is something to keep in mind but dont lose sleep over mama. .My son is super short for his age... theres not much i can do ( i do give him vitamins and give him a variety of foods he's going to be 2 next week,oh how time flys) but i do still think about him being so short. but I couldnt imagine him any bigger than he is already currently for his age.

Good job on breastfeeding!!!!!

DaisyDiaper728 08-25-2010 11:58 AM

Re: Need encourgement
I wouldn't worry about it. My DD has always been in the low percentiles, right now she is 15 months and only 19 lbs, which basically puts her below the lowest percentile, but she's perfectly fine and healthy. She was bf for 10 months and during that time always dropped in the percentiles with every checkup. Even when circumstances forced the switch to formula, she has still stayed tiny. My ped. was never concerned. Some babies are just small. I know you might think it's different b/c you have a boy but he's doing fine. :thumbsup:

Fire In The Disco 08-25-2010 12:01 PM

Re: Need encourgement
Babies are supposed to double their birth weight by 6 months. I would say you're doing GREAT, mama!

Kristi26 08-25-2010 12:04 PM

Re: Need encourgement
Mama, my DS3 is less than 3% at 15 months. In fact, he weighed 13 lbs and some odd ounces at his 4 month, 5 month (went in sick that month), and 6 month visits! He weighed 7lb 11oz at birth too, so a completely average weight. He just didn't gain. I also have 2 of my 3 older kids who were like this too. DS2 has a curve on his chart that looks more like a bowl than a rainbow (which is normal) and DD wasn't even ON the chart for most of her baby days. She still only weighs 32 lb at 4 1/2 years old. Some babies are just small. If your dr isn't worried, you shouldn't be either! You're doing great! :)

rosefall 08-25-2010 12:08 PM

Re: Need encourgement
Don't worry about it as long as development is good. The growth charts are curves, there have to be babies in the low percentiles to balance the chunkers. Being a low percentile isn't bad.

FWIW, today was DS's 2 year appt. His stats are 68% for height by age, 9% for weight by age, and 1% for weight by height. Even though he was 50% for weight by age a year ago, the doctor isn't concerned because he height curve is pretty steady and he is developmentally on track.

birdie 08-25-2010 12:08 PM

Re: Need encourgement
My DD is teeny tiny too. She was 6.14 at birth and last week at her appointment she was 12.9. SOme babies just take a while to grow.

laur318 08-25-2010 12:14 PM

Re: Need encourgement
congrats on choosing to breastfeed!

let me tell you i was panicked that i wasn't nursing right, too, because i never breastfed a baby before and all the women around me quit very quickly.

he should stay at or around the same percentile. just because he's lower % doesnt make him slow to grow! the only concern is if he is steadily gaining weight and then suddenly stops gaining or decreases drastically. that's when we worry about percentile :D
if you think he has a good latch and he seems full after eating you are all set!

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